6 Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Architecture Firm

6 Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Architecture Firm

6 Important Questions to Ask Before Selecting an Architecture Firm 543 216 Delores Montgomery

There is no denying that architecture firms in Malaysia are just some of the most sought after in the industry simply because such firms are filled with very talented architects with plenty of years of experience.

But, for some that are not in the said country, you will need to ask important questions first before you select an architecture firm. Do not worry, I will provide them in this article.

Can I See Your Portfolio?

How will you know how an architecture firm operates? Well, aside from getting some reviews and recommendations, you can actually look at their portfolio instead.

Doing so will allow you to have a glimpse of the work that they do and how they actually do things. Typically, more established firms would just have you look at their websites as they upload amazing pictures right from their gallery.

Or, if you are the type of person that really wants to authenticate things, you can visit individual firms in your area and have a look at their portfolio right at their office.

Can I Visit a Recent Job Site?

Architecture companies are always proud of the work that they’ve done, so asking this question just makes sense. You want to be able to see firsthand how they have built the structure among other things.

You can have one of their lead architects tour you around the building so that they can also discuss with you some of its features as well.

Which Contractors Do You Work with?

Such companies would always work in tandem with contractors since they basically have a perfect marriage of professions. That being said, the architect has the main job of creating the design while contractors are the ones who are going to realize the concept.

Once the building schematics are done, the architect will be the one to foresee everything until the building project is completed.

What’s Your Experience in the Field?

Of course, you want experienced architects to work for you, so you want to ask the question of how many years they have been working in this industry.

You also want to talk about specific things since you are going to determine the objectives of the project before it even begins.

This is critical since it will help you know if the architect is qualified to the task or not. Furthermore, having experience creating blueprints and designs that are in line with your vision will help make the project more streamlined.

How Big is Your Company?

There are some firms that would only work on really big projects and they do not have time to work on much smaller ones.

If your project is just as simple as a home renovation or a building extension, then perhaps you can go to much smaller firms.

Even if you go to relatively small firms, you also want to keep the things that I’ve outlined above in mind.

How Long Will the Project Take?

This is an important consideration since you are going to be working with an architecture firm for a very long time. For smaller projects, it could be done within a couple of months. But, if the building is going to be created from the ground up, it may take years. Again, ask the firm about it so that you will have a general idea.