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6 Awesome Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today

6 Awesome Types of Blog Posts You Can Write Today 687 381 Delores Montgomery

1. Video Blogs

Vlogging is getting more and more popular. If you really want to earn money through blogging in Malaysia,
you might want try making video blogs. While many vloggers edit their content for
hours, vlogs can give you the luxury of providing more content with little effort. You just need to
film it, and then directly upload it on your social media platform.

2. Controversial Subjects

It’s always fun to write to write about controversial subjects. Enjoy writing about controversies,
but always be wise. Check carefully which of the controversies in the news today would be
appropriate to put in your blog. What details can you add to the conversation? Since these
subjects are very emotional, choose your words carefully.

3. Inspirational Stories

Just like controversy, inspiration also sells. Contemplate on the special moments of your life.
Maybe, you can start about how you worked hard to put your business on the map, or how much
your grandmother inspired you chase your dreams. Hopeful, inspirational stories have big
chances of being viral content. Why? of course, it is something all people would want to
experience themselves.

4. Funny Posts

Do you want to write about sarcastic or ironic articles? That would be an amazing idea! Writing
parodies and other funny materials can help more people feel good. All for pure fun.

5. Tutorials and How-to Guides

How-to guides and tutorials are easy to write, and probably the easiest types of content a blogger
can work on. It is easy because you can simply talk about those things you already understand,
and familiar about. The only main challenge is breaking it down into the simplest terms, and
smallest steps.

6. Listicles

Lists are easy to write and read. List articles are always one of the most shared types of online
content. From favorite movies to favorite cuisines, you can make lists of just about anything. The
possibilities and opportunities are endless.

What is a quality watch?

What is a quality watch? 600 346 Delores Montgomery

The significant qualities of a decent watch. 

A mechanical watch is something individual. Everybody has their own preference for structure and style. Hence, we would prefer not to say what a fortunate or unfortunate watch is, however, what the indications of a quality watch are when all is said in done. 

What’s more, how these signs are effectively recognizable. A little side note is that we are fundamentally taking a gander at a moderate watch (up to € 600, -). 


A quality watch is in any event made of Stainless Steel. A titanium or clay watch is more diligently/better, yet those watches likewise have an increasingly costly sticker price. 

Hardened steel contrasted with ‘ordinary’ steel cannot be influenced by dampness and sweat. Likewise, getting skin aggravation is uncommon with a tempered steel watch. 

Besides, a PVD covering is critical to guarantee that a gold, rose gold, silver or dark watch holds its shading. A watch without covering may stain inside a year by continuous use. 

The utilized materials are regularly shown on the back of a watch. Note: Stainless steel (watch) back demonstrates that solitary the watch back is made of tempered steel. 

Furthermore, the heaviness of the watch may likewise be an indication of value. It gives a sign of how strong the utilized steel is and what sort of development is utilized. 

Further, better watch brands utilize 316L treated steel, which has a higher immaculateness level. The sort of tempered steel and PVD covering is regularly not set apart on the watch. 

To ensure the sort of treated steel, you can generally check with the merchant. In any case, on the off chance that it is a progressively costly brand you can accept that it will be okay. 


A quality watch consistently has a sapphire glass. Obviously, it is relying upon the sort of direction of your watch. 

Sapphire glass keeps up clear and scratches free after regular (fiercely) use. Precious stone glass or mineral glass will get the job done for a normal watch. 

Besides, a watch with this sort of glass will regularly be € 20, – less expensive, however, its additionally progressively helpless to scratches. In the event that utilization is made of sapphire glass, it shows up on the dial or back of the watch. 


A decent, reasonable watch has a quartz development or a confirmed mechanical development (COSC). You will quite often discover a quartz development (watch controlled by a battery) in great watches under € 300, -. 

A significant preferred position of quartz is that there are fewer moving parts required. This makes watches increasingly exact and moderate. 

Dutch watch brand Prisma utilizes Miyota, Seiko and Ronda developments. These brands have substantiated themselves after some time. 

They are known for their toughness and incentive for cash. These developments have frequently, whenever kept up appropriately, a lifetime of a couple of decades. 

Once in a while is a mechanical watch under € 10,000. – high quality. Present-day large-scale manufacturing of developments has brought about a quality that is magnificent by human hands. 


10 ATM water obstruction is related to a quality watch. Nothing is more harming to a watch than water. 

So waterproofing is inseparably connected to a decent watch. Equivalent to with materials and developments, water opposition additionally has shifting degrees. 

10 ATM water obstruction implies that the watch is impervious to 100 meters (or 10 bar) pressure. This makes it a decent watch for swimming. 

5 ATM (showering) and 3 ATM (washing hands) are additionally water obstruction degrees. A watch must be in any event 3 ATM waterproof to offer some solace. Likewise, water obstruction is regularly demonstrated on the back of the watch. 


The above highlights concentrated on the watch case. With water obstruction, we can make a jump to a decent tie. We encourage you to limit water contact with a cowhide lash (which isn’t waterproof). 

Moreover, it is significant that the band fits well with the watch case. The creases are intended to be balanced and slender. 


At last, we can say that a quality watch, other than the previously mentioned attributes, has a pleasant completion. This is the contrast between a modest and moderate watch. 

It should feel good and pleasantly wrapped up. The subtleties need to shape together with a convincing, appealing entirety. 

You don’t perceive any abnormal knocks, free file or some other type of poor workmanship? Then we can likewise talk in the appearance of a decent quality watch. 


This is a perilous subject to expound on, similar to a watch brand with a rich history. In any case, we hear again and again that somebody has purchased a watch from a watch brand that never again exists inside two years. 

This can generally occur and it should not prevent you from purchasing the watch. In any case, if something isn’t right with your recently acquired watch, a great brand can simply give that additional piece of security to convey extra parts for instance. 

Kindly don’t stop for a second to take a couple of minutes to investigate the watch brand. Find all top-notch men’s watches and ladies watches. 


Moderate watch

Generally, there are five essential highlights that each quality watch ought to have, paying little respect to cost. 

  •   Material is in any event (316L) hardened steel (titanium of earthenware) with PVD covering. 
  •   Scratchproof sapphire glass (for incessant use) 
  •   10 ATM water obstruction 
  •   Good quartz development (Miyota, Seiko, Ronda) or an ensured mechanical development. 
  •   A pleasant completion; no irregular knocks or free parts 


  •   A date marker 
  •   Glow in obscurity list or hands 
  •   The name and legacy of the brand. Do despite everything they exist in two years to give any extra parts? 

Do you have a watch with a cowhide lash which isn’t waterproof or you don’t hope to go swimming with your watch? All things considered, 3 or 5 ATM water obstruction ought to be sufficient to wash your hands. 

In the event that you won’t effortlessly knock the watch, you can decide on mineral glass or gem glass rather than scratch-safe sapphire glass. 


It is safe to say that you are searching for an incredibly solid watch? Take these additional alternatives with you in a choice: 

  •   Crown defender 
  •   Screw crown 
  •   10 ATM or 20 ATM 
  •   Arabic numerals 
  •   Quartz development with EOL work 
  •   Fixed push pins (spring bar without neckline) 

It is likewise basic that there is a rotating bezel applied for a decent jumper’s watch. There are numerous highlights that are significant for a particular reason (eg GPS work for running). To begin with, consider the reason for your watch and the choice will be a lot simpler. 

4 Ways Green Roofs Can Help Manage Storm Water

4 Ways Green Roofs Can Help Manage Storm Water 504 348 Delores Montgomery

Green roofs can stop dirty runoffs at the source.

Even the biggest architecture firms in Malaysia love utilizing green roofs. When you compare the usual nonplanted roof with a green one, the storm water effects are obvious. The nonplanted one is a big surface area that the water falls onto, then rolls off of fast. In urban area, this quick runoff is an issue, since it increases the flood downstream. In case of heavy storms, green roofs help slow down the water.

Green roofs intercept water.

It is possible for planted roofs to intercept rain water, depending on the amount of rainfall. They can absorb water, and then release it as it transpires. By intercepting rainwater in this matter, it mimics the natural condition of the plants releasing and absorbing water, which helps prevent flooding. Shallow green roofs can completely intercept water when the rainfall is than one inch at a time!

Green roofs can slow down runoff.

Apart from intercepting much smaller storms, green roofs can also buffer and filter water during intense, long rainfall periods. During these moments, water travels longer through the plant, as well as other green roof media layers.

Green roofs can lessen the storm water runoff load on other systems.

In residential landscapes, roof stops can account for 40% or more of the area footprint. Putting a green roof on your home means that you can intercept a big amount of storm water runoff even before it gets to the other areas on the site. Moreover, it lessens the load on the other sustainable systems you might be using, such as permeable paving and rain gardens.

Broken Plan Layouts

Broken Plan Layouts 492 311 Delores Montgomery

Are you thinking of shifting to an open-plan living? Well, you need the help of a dedicated professional from a top architect company in Malaysia to help you out. Open-plan living is an amazing architecture trend that is rapidly dominating the market.

Removing down walls can integrate more light, space, fluidity and sociability in your space. The thing here is that open-plan layouts reduce quiet spots and privacy. Don’t worry, broken-plan living is the answer to your problem. In a broken plan set up, you can keep all the elements you love about open-plan living, yet there are rooms that retain the privacy element.

Utilize partial walls.

Several people would love to have more space in their homes. However, the issue with big open-plan living spaces is that it appears big, and not really cozy. The solution here is to divide the big room in much smaller lounging zones. If you are one of those lucky ones with a spacious bedroom, broken plan designs can help you maintain a separate area for studying and lounging.

There must be enough light.

If you are living in an open-plan layout, how can you preserve the sense of flowing light? Be very careful with designing your area. Introducing closed doors and walls can leave you in very small, dark rooms. The best decision is to include an open shelving unit that allows the light to filter through, It helps maintain the feeling of connectivity, and then flow between the adjacent rooms.

Separate zones through different steps and levels.

Make use of different ceiling heights and multiple floor levels. This can help you improve the distance between zones designed for other functions. You can put around three steps in between the areas.

How to Choose the Right Diapers for Your Baby?

How to Choose the Right Diapers for Your Baby? 577 335 Delores Montgomery

Babies can get really dirty. In fact, on average, you may have to change their diapers anywhere from 6-8 times a day. That being said, choosing the right baby diaper is the key if you want to make sure that your baby stays dry and safe.

What are the features that should be present in the baby diaper? Read on to find out some of them.

Softness and Stretch

Remember that your baby’s skin is quite delicate and you want the diaper to conform to their skin in the best way possible. That is why it is ideal to get diapers that are stretchable enough to comfortably adjust to your baby’s bum to provide maximum comfort at all times.


A good diaper is one that is able to absorb most, if not all, of the liquids that your baby might discharge. This should include either poop or pee. A poor diaper is one that not only causes skin irritation, but those that do not provide ample protection against rashes or chafing.

Wetness Indicator

Although this is considered an option, I actually consider it a necessity, especially for first-time parents. Now, the only way for your baby to let you know that their diapers need changing is when they cry and get squirmy. But, that is only when it gets to the point that it could potentially lead to rashes.

A wetness indicator would typically turn from yellow to blue to indicate that it is time to change the diaper. A soiled diaper is a huge no-no and having this indicator is handy to let you know that it is time for a change.

Diapers for Newborns

There are diapers that are specifically made for a newborn. These diapers have special cutouts that will allow the umbilical cord to go unhindered. This will help the area get dry and exposed to air so that it will dry and heal much faster. If you have a newborn, definitely get these diapers for them.

Important Information

On average, your baby may need to have 6-8 diaper changes a day
Once they become older, you will only have to change it about 5-6 times, but again, this depends on every baby
Small babies can outgrow their diapers really quickly. It would be a good idea to get a size bigger than your baby’s current age just to make sure that it fits perfectly.

Baby Carrier Shopping Guide

Baby Carrier Shopping Guide 544 303 Delores Montgomery

A baby carrier is so much better than strollers in a lot of ways. They allow you to carry your baby while you’re doing some chores. You can go out in the public with your baby and you can breastfeed with more privacy. And, if used correctly, they are better than strollers.

In today’s post, I will talk about some key information that you need to know when you are shopping for a baby carrier.

Baby Carrier Safety Tips

Above all else, your baby’s safety is the most important thing and this is something that you should keep in mind when choosing a baby carrier.

Before you do that, you should learn the proper mounting techniques because it can help you decide which type of carrier you want to purchase.

Here is some other information that you need to know about safety:
Choose a baby carrier that will allow your baby to breathe at all times. Remember that when you are carrying a relatively young baby, they still are unable to control their heads and it may lead to accidental asphyxiation. Make sure that when choosing a carrier that nothing obstructs the airways.

When you are choosing a backpack-style carrier, make sure that your baby’s legs are sideways so that they will not develop Dysplasia.
If you decide to choose any other type of carrier other than a backpack-style, it is important that you learn how to tie the carrier snugly and securely first before purchasing.

Different Types of Carriers

There are multiple types of baby carriers that vary in the material, construction, and style. Here are the most popular carriers that you can find on the market:

Ring Sling or Sling-

This is a rather simple carrier that is typically made of woven fabric. A ring sling carrier is one that can be adjusted using the two rings that it usually comes with. This carrier is only ideal if you carry your baby for short periods of time since the weight of your baby and the sling will put pressure on your shoulders.


Made with either elastic fabrics or woven scarves, wrap-style carriers allow you to keep your baby close to your body at all times. If you know how to properly tie this type of carrier, you can put your baby in various positions. This is devoid of any unique features and serves simply as a simple baby carrier.

Mei Tai-

The Mei Tai a backpack-style carrier that is made of fabric with thick straps to help you secure your baby in place. This is not as robust as the next type but it does come with more breathable and comfortable materials.

Ergonomic Backpack-

This is arguably the most feature-rich baby carrier out there. This is a bit similar to the Mei Tai in that it is a backpack-style carrier, but the main difference is that it comes with sturdier materials and comes with other additional features as well. It can include some buckles to help secure your baby in place and may also have multiple compartments that you can use for just about anything.

Some Truths and Myths About Web Hosting that You Should Know About

Some Truths and Myths About Web Hosting that You Should Know About 538 170 Delores Montgomery

Web hosting has been around for quite some time now, but the surprising thing is that there are still people that believe in myths that were created since time immemorial.
Things such as the best web hosting companies typically offer hosting services that are more expensive than others and that free web hosting is actually okay even for business websites.
Well today, I am going to write an article that specifically tackles the myths and truths about web hosting that you should know about.

They Are All the Same

A lot of people instantly assume that all of the web hosting companies are the same. I think that can be attributed to the fact that most companies now offer nearly the same features and the only thing that differentiates them is the price.
Although there is some truth to that, they are actually not the same entirely. There are some aspects of them that are the same, that is for sure, but others are not.
Aside from the price, the infrastructure, the location of their data centers, among other important things are different. So, do not believe in the notion that they are all the same.

Server Uptime

People believe that the ‘best’ hosting companies are those that provide you with 100% server uptime. For the uninitiated, server uptime refers to the amount of time the server is up and running. In the context of web hosting, if the server is running, then your website will be accessible during that time.
That being said, it is impossible for hosting companies to provide 100% server uptime simply because servers are physical computers. At some point, one of its internal components will get damaged and would need fixing.
Aside from that, you also have to consider the possible power outage in the area where the data center is located, possible DDoS attacks, and other things that could pose a threat to the stability of the server.
If anything, you will still need to settle for a company that offers at least 95% server uptime.


A lot of people blame the hosting company right off the bat if their websites are slow to load. While it is true that your hosting provider can partly be blamed for this; you also have to consider your website itself.
You might not have optimized every page element on your website which, in turn, could lead to slow loading speeds. If anything, before chastising your hosting company, make sure that you have done everything on your end.


People believe that you only have to use one domain for your website. Technically, that is true, but that is not the ideal scenario for business websites.
You want to make sure that you have improved security across the board and one of the ways you can do that would be to employ multiple domains.

Free Hosting

Some people believe that free web hosting is the way to go. I mean, who cares if they put ads on your website, right? So long as you are not paying anything, you believe that this is the way to go.
However, this does not bode well for professional and business websites simply because the type of ads may not reflect the true meaning of your company. Worse, those ads might contain malware that can be detrimental to the device your audience is using to access your webpage.

Top 5 Web development Tools and websites to speed Up The workflow for Web Developer in 2018

Top 5 Web development Tools and websites to speed Up The workflow for Web Developer in 2018 610 210 Delores Montgomery

1. Avocode

Avocode makes it incredibly simple for front-end engineers to code websites or applications from Photoshop or Sketch structures. It’s worked by a similar group that brought us CSS Hat and PNG Hat, so it’s not astounding they’ve made the sending out procedure one stride further here.
Albeit past applications have enabled you to trade resources, what makes Avocode extremely exceptional is that you can utilize its Photoshop module to match up your PSD into Avocode with only a single tick.
Avocode rapidly and naturally examinations your PSD or Sketch record and brings everything into a flawlessly planned UI. You at that point have full power over how you send out resources, including SVG trading as standard.
You can likewise click components in the plan, and reorder your preferred code into a content tool. “It gives clients all that they requirement for coding – a review of the structure, and access to all layers and fare resources,” says Avocode fellow benefactor Vu Hoang Anh.
“Interestingly, engineers won’t require Photoshop or Sketch by any means. The present work process truly sucks and that is the reason we made Avocode.”
We don’t know any application can ever repeat an engineer. In any case, we are aware of some hard-squeezed architects who cheerfully utilize this to transform PSDs and Sketch records into intelligent plans, which would then be able to frame the establishments for the website design services manufacture. It costs from $14 every month.

2. Anime

Despite the fact that web page liveliness has now and again got unfavorable criticism, engineers are continually searching for approaches to make things simpler. CSS movements and advances have been a colossal advance forward; however, progressively complex collaborations frequently require a library.
Anime is another movement motor you’ll need to investigate on the off chance that you have to add complex vivified segments to your applications.
The creator, Julian Garnier, has given a CodePen gathering that shows what the library can do, just as careful documentation on GitHub.

3. Liking Designer

“Serif’s Affinity Designer has been named the ‘Photoshop executioner’ by a few, and it’s anything but difficult to perceive any reason why,” says Dan Edwards, innovative chief at No Divide. “My initial introductions are that the application is unimaginably well-structured and feels like it’s been made to be a committed web and visual depiction device.
“There were a couple of features I truly appreciated, including movable, nondestructive layers. This basically implies you can modify pictures or vectors without harming them.
“The 1,000,000 percent zoom was simply joy (all the time Photoshop’s 32,000 feels like it’s sufficiently not). This is particularly valuable when working with vector workmanship, as you can truly get right up front.
The fix and history features are additionally extremely helpful – Affinity enables you to return more than 8,000 stages!”
“With regards to structuring, the UI feels recognizable. When moving from Photoshop, everybody appears to need to begin once again, which can represent a genuine test.
What Affinity has done is to keep the format commonplace, while fixing everything up and concealing diversions. I was effectively ready to bounce straight in and get structuring.”
“In general, Affinity feels like it could be a genuine contender to Photoshop, Illustrator, and Sketch. Also, at just £48.99 it’s a genuine deal!”
Try not to miss our advisers for utilizing the Pixel persona, the Export persona and the Pen apparatus in Affinity Designer, which is presently likewise accessible for the iPad.

4. Figma

Figma is an interface configuration apparatus that empowers various fashioners to team up progressively. It’s accessible in the program, or on Windows, Mac or Linux, and there are both free and paid forms relying upon what you use it for.
Here is a portion of its remarkable features:
“Figma has a comparable USP as Sketch except for being cross-stage,” clarifies front-end architect Benjamin Read. “I as of late utilized it to make a few symbols for an article we’re distributing on our website and found the work process extraordinarily smooth.
It required some investment to learn and had the additional advantage of being communitarian: you can impart designs to others inside the application.”
“I’ve been attempting to change to Linux for my work and some of the time we use Windows, so Figma sounds good to me from a viable point of view,” he includes. “In the examination, I’ve discovered numerous instruments for different stages miss the mark.”
Independent substance essayist and artwork David Eastwood additionally have beneficial things to state about Figma. “It’s additionally been an extremely valuable device when we’ve expected to rapidly ridicule MVTs; once in a while little options to a current format. We cherish that you can rapidly make plans for work area, tablet, and versatile.”

5. Adobe XD

Adobe vector plan and wireframing device, Adobe XD, continues showing signs of improvement, with the declaration at Adobe MAX this year that it will presently incorporate voice prototyping.
XD incorporates drawing apparatuses, devices that empower you to characterize non-static cooperations, versatile and work area sees and sharing devices for giving criticism on structures. It enables you to choose a gadget explicit artboard size for beginning an undertaking, and you can even import a famous UI unit, for instance, Google’s Material Design.
Andrei Robu, structure executive at Robu Studio in Barcelona, is among its fans. “XD doesn’t supplant Sketch yet, however for snappy fake ups it’s incredible,” he says.
“It’s a light interface, with heaps of photographs stacked in, and extraordinary for the state of mind sheets. The prototyping is helpful to demonstrate customers how stuff functions, particularly on the grounds that you can push the substance online immediately I additionally love that I can reorder stuff from other Adobe applications.”
“Working with UI/UX planners and artists makes this procedure straightforward,” he says. “At the point when the structure/model or wireframe is finished, Adobe XD enables you to rapidly choose components and make page advances for a working model, which can be shared by means of a connection.
The connection likewise enables you to accumulate input per page, keeping everything sorted out. The connection can be refreshed inside Adobe XD so the customer can generally observe the most recent adaptation without stressing over mistaken forms; a flat-out euphoria to work with.”

A Short Guide for Young Architects: 6 Crucial Tips for Emerging Architecture Professionals

A Short Guide for Young Architects: 6 Crucial Tips for Emerging Architecture Professionals 600 207 Delores Montgomery

1. Design your position and careers.

All of us have different skills, interests, talents and passion. Each and every one of us are unique. Reflect on all of your experiences, and figure out what you want to do. Your architecture decisions would depend on your objectives.

2. Differentiate yourself.

Develop your unique abilities and skills. All architects in the top architecture firms in Malaysia live by this rule. Make yourself a good contributor. Whether you want to work for a top company in Malaysia, or establish your own firm in the future, make sure to set yourself apart from the others.

3. Never confuse internship with full-time employment.

A simple internship introduces a person to a company, and how their projects work. Full-time employment, on the other hand, mandates more productivity, and gives more stress.

4. Technology would lead the way.

Remember to stay at the very forefront of innovation and technology. It helps to learn new architecture software, and then understand implementation on a deeper level. At first, you will have a hard time processing thing, but in a few months, you will surely progress.

5. Networking is the key to your advancement.

Do you know that networking and social skills are important parts of your architecture career? Never underestimate the power networking opportunities bring. Get to know people. Learn from them.

6. Voice your important opinions.

The most effective ideas are never integrated into huge architecture projects unless they are presented, heard and defended. Several details on architecture projects can be further improved, if only people would speak out.

Top 6 Benefits of Professional Web Hosting for Business

Top 6 Benefits of Professional Web Hosting for Business 565 195 Delores Montgomery

Business owners think a bit differently than consumers in that they always make sure that their customers have the best experience possible so that they will keep coming back.
And, since most businesses already have their own business websites, it is now more important than ever to acquire services from some of the best web hosting companies in the world.
In this post, I am going to go over some of the benefits of getting professional web hosting services for your business.

Technical Support

When the common folk looks for web hosting services, they rarely think about customer support, but online entrepreneurs must always look at this aspect when they are getting the same services.
You see, there are a lot of things that could happen to your website. It could experience brute force attacks, it may go offline for some reason, or that there are just some technical aspects in which you will need some assistance.
Whatever the case may be, a professional web hosting company is one that would always provide you with the best technical support money can buy.

Overall Reliability

There are so many web hosting providers out there and although it may seem hard to choose the right one, it actually isn’t. There are countless forums that would tell you which one works best for your case.
When you do find the right one for you, you can expect peace of mind knowing that they will work in tandem with your business to help you achieve your goals.
They will provide you with robust security measures so that your website will not be hacked and they will make sure that their servers are running in peak condition so that you will not have to worry about server uptime ever again.

Unlimited Storage

Another good thing about professional web hosting services is that you are given the right amount of storage capacity that you will need.
You may either get a fixed storage space or you can even get unlimited storage as well. Basically, you have the option to choose which works best for your business.

Data Management

When it comes to free web hosting, the biggest problem is that you do not have any control over which ads are getting displayed on your website. This can truly tarnish your reputation- something that you do not want to happen when you are running a business.
When you go with the right paid solution, you do not have to think about ads at all. If anything, you can get your own ads so that you can get money out of it.

Domain and Email

Another limitation of free web hosting is that you are not given the ability to get your own domain name. You are pretty much stuck with their own company name if you want to use their service.
However, if you are going to get the right web hosting provider, you not only be given the chance to edit your domain name to your liking but you will also be given a control panel, allowing you to create as many emails using your domain name as you want.

Data Recovery

You’re probably told by your web developer to create backups of your website at all times. Although you can do it on your own, your web hosting company (assuming that it is a paid one) will do the backups for you as well.