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Foods that Are Sure to Kill Your Sex Drive

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Do you know what anaphrodisiacs are? Well, they are actually the opposite of aphrodisiacs in that they are foods that can actually put a damper on your sex drive. You want to increase your sex drive, not decrease it.
While men would typically turn to male enhancement pills, you have to understand that the foods that you eat can affect your libido. Therefore, you also have to be aware of the foods that you have to avoid if you are to improve your sex drive.
In this article, I will talk about some foods that are sure to kill your sex drive.

Salty Foods

Popcorn, French fries, and other salty foods are delicious and there is no doubt about that. However, keep in mind that they are also rich in sodium.
Do not get me wrong, sodium is important for our bodies but we should never go beyond 2000mg of it every day as it could bring a lot of unwanted side effects- one of which is a greatly diminished sex drive.
According to a Cleveland Clinic, high sodium levels increase your risk of high blood pressure and that is something that you do not want to happen if you want to improve your performance in bed.

Foods that Are High on Saturated Fat

All of your fried foods are delicious and most men typically eat fried foods more than anything else. But, you may want to cut down on those kinds of foods.
The reason is that fried foods are generally high in saturated fat. Too much of this kind of fat can lead to clogged arteries which could mean that you get reduced blood flow in certain areas of the body. Not to mention that plaque build-up usually happens from the bottom-up.
Aside from that, saturated fat can also bring you closer to developing hypertension. Red meats, cheeses, and other fried foods are okay to consume, albeit do it moderately.


Do you know why too much sugar can be bad for you? Well, to process sugar, your body needs insulin for that. It is a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels and is produced by the Pancreas.
Now, too much sugar can lead to type-2 diabetes and that condition can wreak havoc in your system. Not only does it affect your main organs, but it can also affect your genitals as well.
If you can, greatly reduce your sugar intake. Avoid sugary drinks and carbonated beverages. You may even have to cut your intake of sugary treats as well.


You might think that drinking alcohol is great for sex because the slight tipsy feeling could lead to better sex. Well, that is actually not true. If anything, you want to avoid alcohol before coitus.
You see, too much alcohol consumption can reduce testosterone levels in both men and women. And, since alcohol is a known depressant, it can actually reduce your sexual desire and, therefore, your sexual drive.
Now, should you not drink alcohol at all? Nope, but you have to greatly reduce your consumption to just one or two glasses.

Priority Health Advise for Men

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For adults, some of us have to be dragged to the doctor kicking and screaming to eat healthy, or get enough exercise.Your health is important but this is often placed on the backburner for too many men I see in my office until there is a more serious health problem they need to address. That’s the wrong approach to bettering your health.If you have made a commitment this year to get healthy and stay safe, or have reached a turning point in your life where you would like to make lasting improvements, follow these five pieces of advice to fine-tune your wellbeing and achieve male enhancement

#1 Make Your Health a Priority

Your health condition should be your number one concern, but our jobs and families often get so distracted that we forget it.
The reality, though, is why you get to the point where you need medical intervention when today you can make healthy decisions to ensure optimal health.It’s not selfish to make your health a priority.
It’s selfless. Why? Because you’re happier, you’ll be safer and more involved with your families, friends and work.Many studies indicate the more mentally and physically a person is healthier, the more they can achieve. So, prepare yourself for a paradigm change before you do anything else, and prioritize what’s necessary.

#2 See Your Doctor

Everyone should see a doctor regularly. Occasionally I hear men come in with a number of reasons not to go to the doctor —
“it takes too long” or “I have to wait too long.” But those excuses no longer hold up.You can get a doctor’s appointment with stuff like telehealth treatment without setting a foot in an office. There are several opportunities for visits in person, too. You can go to some pharmacy or an urgent care clinic and be seen that day by a healthcare professional.Just as you always have a friend to
call when you’re in need, you always need a friend you can call when it comes to your body, too —which should be a health care provider in this case. There are recommendations on when you should see a doctor for certain health issues, depending on your age.Schedule a regular visit with your doctor, rather than just Googling it. He or she’ll get you on the right path to complete your regular screenings.

#3 Exercise

At least 150 minutes of physical exercise are recommended each week by the American Heart Association and other health organisations. Many people are buying a smartwatch and taking their 10,000 steps a day, and feeling they’re done. That’s fine, but your heart rate does not get up.Get moderate exercise (power walking, jogging or swimming) for 150 minutes or vigorous exercise for at least 75 minutes a week (intense aerobic or musclestrengthening activities), whether it’s on the weekend or all day.Get your heart pumping, which strengthens your muscles and other parts of your body as well.

#4 Eat a Healthy, Balanced Diet

Many people start dieting and concentrate on calorie restriction. They aren’t eating enough though. The problem is when you limit the intake of nutrients in your body; it starts to get into the mode of conservation or starvation. The body takes everything you put in it and then stores it for later.Instead, take in more of the right calories and you will become stronger, healthier and your body will not feel deprived. I always recommend seeing a nutritionist if you’re not sure where to start, at least to get you started on what changes to make since there are man different diets.Dieting isn’t starving it eating intelligently so focuses on making the right food choices.

#5 Get Enough Sleep

You should sleep at least seven hours a night, to help relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. The time to do this is not when you sit on a couch watching television. The only way to reset is to sleep comfortably in bed, with your eyes closed.Patients often get into my office with issues of tiredness or libido. They think it’s a problem with thyroid, or low testosterone, but it’s really due to lack of sleep. They work too much, they become stressed out or they drink too much alcohol, which over-stimulates the brain.

Sleep can be the root cause or contributing factor to a health problem in some situations and having enough rest will help the body heal.

For every guy, good health should be a priority, but sometimes we don’t give it the importance it deserves. There’s simply no excuse to put your health at the very bottom of your to -do list anymore.

What are the Benefits of Sex for Men?

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Sex has much a greater number of advantages than essentially the inclination you get when it’s arriving at an end.

There are some genuine medical advantages for men that may amaze you. It is said that sex facilitates torment, dispenses with pressure, and brings down circulatory strain. In order to last longer in bed, there are best supplement for men sex in Malaysia that would help you to satisfy your partner. Be that as it may, how can everything work?

Relieve your stress with some hanky-panky
As indicated by a report by the American Psychological Association, men were bound to oversee worry by being physically dynamic than ladies. Since sex can be arranged as exercise, it likewise works similarly to help oversee uneasiness and sorrow. The drawback is pressure can lessen sex drive.

Let the blood rush to low places

The American Heart Association expresses that men experience the ill effects of hypertension than ladies. As per an examination revealed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the individuals who have sex have a superior and increasingly positive reaction to things that reason hypertension contrasted with the individuals who just jerked off or did not engage in sexual relations. This implies most would agree that sex can advance lower pulse in men.

Get a decent night of rest

Have you ever ask why you get so languid after extraordinary sex? There is some science behind it. Oxytocin, otherwise known as the “adoration sedate,” has an assortment of advantages. In spite of the fact that ladies have considerably more of the hormone than men, when discharged amid a climax it fills in as a tranquilizer for a man, which could make the rest “like a child.”

Sex can lower your chance for prostate cancer

The American Cancer Society says prostate malignancy is the second driving reason for disease demise in American Men.

An investigation directed by Harvard Medical School finds that “men who discharged multiple times or more a month appreciated a 33 percent lower danger of prostate malignancy contrasted with men who announced four with seven discharges per month all through their lifetimes.” The examination recommends discharging could help by freeing the prostate of hurtful substances that could ascribe to prostate disease. More research is being done on why discharge might be useful with this issue.

You may live longer

Since sex enables lower to pressure, circulatory strain, and torment it ought to be nothing unexpected that sex will likewise help with life span. An article from Fox News reported that “Men who climax two times each week have a 50 percent lower chance of mortality than the individuals who peak one time for every month.”

How to Go the Distance During Sex?

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Ask any woman out there how long they want their sex sessions to last and they will
most likely give you a definite number. But, ask any man the same question and they
will tell you something like, “I wish I can last longer in bed”.

Truth be told, men are plagued with so many factors that can affect their sexual
performance and their ability to last longer in bed.

Going the distance during sex is somewhat of a dream for many men who are suffering
from either erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (or sometimes, both).

Men who are unable to last for a sufficient amount of time may experience performance
anxiety and in worse cases, even depression.

So, does a man go the distance during sex? I happen to have all of the information that
you need, so do read this article to find out what it is.

Nourish Yourself

A man should be relatively healthy in order for them to last longer in bed. This means
that you must eat the right kinds of foods and in the right quantities. If you are unable to
get the full spectrum of nutrients, you can resort to taking the best multivitamins for men
that you can find abundantly in the market.

Do Some Kegels

Men who do not want to drink medication to help them solve their problem of premature
ejaculation, then they must do some Kegel exercises.

These exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which are known to help you
control your pee (as well as your ejaculation reflex).

A 2016 study revealed that men who consistently do Kegel exercises can help train their
Perineal muscles to give them better control of their ejaculatory urges.

Orgasm isn’t Everything

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You are probably thinking that I am full of BS, but
hear me out. It is true that women love to reach orgasm as it is the best part of sex, but
to be honest, ask any woman out there what they hold most important and they will
most likely tell you that it is the overall experience.

Sure, you might have climaxed way too early for her standards, but sex doesn’t have to
stop there. You can continue kissing her and doing foreplay long after you’ve

This extra time might seem insignificant for men, but it certainly does wonders for
women. So, if you are unable to control your ejaculatory responses, continue the
lovemaking session regardless.

Take Good Care of Yourself

A lot of men, especially in their 30s, are no longer as active as they were before. I’ve
known a lot of people who are sports stars in their 20s but have since gotten fat
because they just didn’t have it in them to continue having a more active lifestyle.

Do not be like this person. Taking good care of yourself- meaning, you eat healthy foods
and exercise regularly- is so important as it affects a lot of areas of your life.

Taking care of yourself can certainly do wonders for you, especially when it comes to
improving your sexual endurance.