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How to Increase Facebook Post Engagement: 5 Emotional Writing Techniques

How to Increase Facebook Post Engagement: 5 Emotional Writing Techniques 497 189 Delores Montgomery

1. Your posts must strike a “wow factor.”

Include attention-grabbing details in your Facebook posts. It is these very details that would make your audience remember your content, and would push them to respond to them. Incorporate captivating expressions and words. Engaging them with an intriguing questions is also effective. Work hard to produce shareable, viral content.

2. Know your reader’s needs.

Identify the core values of your Facebook posts. To do that, you must consider the needs and wants of your target market. Determine what kinds of content, and what topics would communicate well with them. People pay more attention to posts that reflect all of the needs well. If you are having a hard time knowing what they want, feel free to ask for the help of social media marketing and advertising companies in Malaysia or anywhere you are in the world.

3. Appeal to the basic instincts of your readers.

Basic instincts, also called subconscious needs, can be found in our brains’ limbic system. This is responsible for our motivations, emotions and behavior. Make sure to turn all of these instincts into Facebook copywriting, in order to receive a good response from audiences.

4. Utilize neuro copywriting techniques.

Specific words and sounds have psychological effects to the brain. If used in the right order and right places, they can serve as mental hooks for customers and readers. This is known as neuro copywriting, and can make your Facebook content flourish.

5. Tell engaging stories.

Readers assess content by feelings, not by facts. Thus, you need to make people “feel” your copies, most especially in Facebook. Storytelling is an effective way to achieve this. Utilize various storytelling formats in Facebook. Post a long article, short read, image or video. As long as its relevant to your niche, it can work.