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6 Common Website Design Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Marketing

6 Common Website Design Mistakes that Can Hurt Your Marketing 596 387 Delores Montgomery

Failure to design based on the compromise effect.

Several designer ignore the compromise effect when coming up with design options. This compromise effect pertains to an individual’s tendency to pick an intermediate choice when facing extremes. Use your knowledge to design your website for conversion, based on this.

Failure to understand the default effect.

Many website designers understand the concepts of default options and placeholder content, but few realize that these elements can function as powerful tools to improve a web design conversion power. Make sure you completely understand the default effect. This is a cognitive bias in which the default options or offers are more likely to be picked compared to the others.

Ignoring the risk compensation theory.

Why do you think many individuals fail to convert after realizing that they like your products? Oftentimes, this is because of their choice to ignore the risk compensation theory. This theory is something you must keep in mind when designing your landing pages, checkout pages and website as a whole. It means that people tend to adjust their behavior based on the perceived level of risk.

Failure to understand the significance of image positioning.

We all know that images are worth a thousand words. The brain processes visual a lot faster compared to text, so you need to use images properly. When it comes to using photos, you need to address positioning properly.

Violating the principle of sensory adaptation.

Before taking on any major action regarding your website design project, make sure to research on color psychology. Test which colors can yield a much higher conversion rate.

Failure to tap in to the bandwagon effect.

Always take advantage on this psychological phenomenon. In the bandwagon effect, people do things because they see that other people are doing it, regardless of their own convictions and beliefs. Great design, from a marketing point of view, naturally includes the bandwagon effect.

Developing Web Design And SEO Hand In Hand

Developing Web Design And SEO Hand In Hand 744 800 Delores Montgomery

A website with good web design without search engine optimization is just like a great business or service without marketing. Because according to statistic the number of websites online is approaching close to 2 billion.

So getting your website notice is not going to be easy, you literally have to fight for it. If you don’t fight for it or have plans for your website it will like end up forgotten.

So when you are designing your website, you should have plans on how to make it discoverable by people.

And to achieve this you will need to do search engine optimization (SEO) for you website yet this very fact is often overlooked by most people when creating their business website.

Look For A Web Design Company That Can Do SEO As Well

If you are planning to create a website for your business make sure you hire a web design company that not only do design but SEO as well. If your website design is SEO optimized chances for your business receive more or same traction as the larger businesses will be higher, that is if the SEO is implemented correctly and successfully.

Hence, it is imperative the web design company you are going to hire knows how to do SEO as well. Because the sooner your website SEO is implemented, the sooner you will get returns for all the resources you have invested. Though, this doesn’t mean you can’t SEO for you website if it has been around for quite for time it just that it’ll better you implement it sooner than later as the ecommerce/digital marketing industry is fast moving.

Starting Out With SEO

If you are fairly new to the industry and SEO workings then you should focus on local SEO first, never mind global. Why? Because you’ll need to have a strong local SEO ranking first before you can global, plus it is easier to rank when competing locally than globally.

But it will still have a lot work, you’ll need to make sure your business is within local business listings such as Yellow Pages  because if you don’t, you will miss out a lot of potential customers.

Build Your Website Design With SEO In Mind

Another reason to have the web design company you will be hiring able to do SEO as well is because it’ll be easier to implement SEO into the web design. By implementing SEO into your website’s design right from the start it’ll be easy to implement any future on-site SEO update.

Should the website development service include SEO than the website developer will develop the website in SEO friendly platform and install  necessary plugins so that both designers and content creators can implement on-site SEO.

But before you can even ask the web design company to do SEO for your business website, you need to understand first the niche of your business. By having an idea of what is your business niche will let you do a more accurate keyword research and get result that will suit your business and target. There are tons of keyword research tools (most are not free) but the best Google Keyword Research Tool because you’ll get result right from the source itself.

Also, by building your website with SEO in mind right from the start you will able to structure your website navigation to be more SEO friendly (like the urls containing your business keyword). By having the keywords included not only on the pages of your website but in the urls as well, will help increase visibility rate on Google search result page.

Get Yourself A Peace Of Mind

Find a web design company that not only can a proper web design but great SEO service as well, so that you leave it to them while you focus on other matters. Also, if the SEO is implemented properly you can have a restful sleep at night.


7 Helpful Podcasts for Web Developers and Designers

7 Helpful Podcasts for Web Developers and Designers 4288 2848 Delores Montgomery

7 Helpful Podcasts for Web Developers and Designers


Are you a website designer or a person who owns a web design company who wants to widen his or her knowledge on the field? Then, apart from reading articles, and taking short courses, you should listen to brilliant podcasts. Below are some of the helpful ones that you should listen to.  Enjoy!


  1. Designer versus Developer


If you want to listen to informal, open conversations between developers and designers, this is the podcast for you. A design advocate from Google, Mustafa Kurtuldu, converses with different developers weekly. They talk about various amazing topics, from scenario-based designs to creative prototyping ways.


  1. Design Notes


Design Notes offers in-depth information to designers functioning in multiple creative disciplines. It features chats on design’s foundational impact and practice.


  1. High Resolution


In High Resolution, Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal sit down with a guest for about an hour, discussing different approaches in web design. Do you want to learn more about product design? Well, it’s time to listen to their episodes.


  1. Hurry Slowly


Jocelyn K Glei hosts Hurry Slowly, a podcast encouraging people to be more creative, productive and resilient. If you want to learn more about the act of slowing down, you’ll enjoy listening to this. You will be able to find more meaning and creativity in your daily routine.


  1. Layout Land


Jen Simmons is the key person behind Layout Land, a YouTube show focusing on graphic design. It features various design topics, from CSS grids to uploading images. It’s a fantastic learning resource!


  1. Ada’s Twitch Tech Talks


Ada Rose Cannon, a professional from Samsung Internet Web Browser, started a series of interactive, informal talks on front-end website development. It’s being broadcasted live on Twitch! During the stream, people are encouraged to ask many questions.


  1. The DesignBetter.Co Podcast


This education platform manages different workshops, and arranges Q&A sessions with technologists, designers and creatives. It also produces its own informative podcast. https://mediatemple.net/blog/tips/15-best-new-podcasts-web-designers-developers/


6 Website Design Mistakes You Should Know About

6 Website Design Mistakes You Should Know About

6 Website Design Mistakes You Should Know About 1200 800 Delores Montgomery

Your company may be providing the best consumer products in the world, but if it has a poorly-designed website, then it is facing a huge obstacle. Take advantage of the opportunities the digital landscape offers. Utilize your website properly and strategically. Have a reference towards the Website Building Companies that presents amazing websites.

Is your website outdated, cluttered and disorganized? If yes, then it will surely create a poor impression. Revamp everything, and start anew. Before starting a new web design strategy, it’s important to learn more about the most common mistakes many people make regarding this aspect. Here’s 6 of them.

1. Confusing Website Navigation

User navigation is a crucial aspect in every web design. It provides the very foundation of your sales funnels, guiding users towards conversion. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common web design mistakes.

An effective sales funnel will take users from awareness and evaluation to conversion. The goal is to make their journey fast and easy. Of course, you wouldn’t want to lead them to the wrong avenues. A basic, simple navigation that includes a sales funnel is the most efficient approach to generate more profit.

2. Launch a User-Minded Website Design

Design your website with users in mind. It’s true that there are various elements that go with website design, from optimized mobile search to compelling call to actions. Give your users a chance for an amazing user experience.

3. Cluttered Webpagesbroom by ericlemerdy

Your website is your home in the vast digital landscape. Make all your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Don’t let your main marketing message disappear among tons of unorganized content and affiliate ads. Make sure that your call to actions and product descriptions will catch every users attention.

Clutter can slow down your website’s loading time, causing visitors to abandon your webpages. They will become frustrated, and leave you for your competitors. This can send the wrong signal to Google. It will think that your website is not of great value, and drop it in search engine results page rankings.

4. Unclear Call-to-Action Buttons and Statements

The most efficient and successful websites focus on their number one goal—generate more conversions. Unclear call-to-action statements and buttons mean loss of profits. Remember to make every CTA engaging and compelling. This will guide your customers towards the right direction, in your favor.

5. Bad Photo Choicesentertainment-photos-line drawing by sheikh_tuhin

We all love looking at captivating images. With high-quality and relevant images, you can improve customer trust, gain better user engagement and create powerful branding. If your website’s product images and photo background are fuzzy, then your users will surely move to your competitors’ website.

6. Not Mobile Responsive

A mobile friendly website can cater to the increasing amount of mobile phone searches. Don’t let your brand and business suffer from difficult ranking issues. If you really want your business to grow, you would focus on mobile responsiveness.

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Website in 2019

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Website in 2019

4 Tips for Upgrading Your Website in 2019 1667 950 Delores Montgomery

No matter what type of business you are running, your website is a crucial tool that can engage existing customers, and attract new ones. There are technology and marketing changes in the industry once in a while, so it’s important to keep up with the current trends for you to enhance your Website Making Company.

Below are some points you should focus on when upgrading your website.

1. Think VisuallyThink With Your Heart II by GDJ

Videos, images and other visual components have already taken over the online world. Leverage on this trend and post compelling visuals in your website. As much as possible, don’t use stock images. This will give your webpages a generic and outdated look. Using original content can help grow your brand and your website.

2. Create Multiple Landing Pages

A landing page is a type of page that users first land on after clicking a link directing to your website. It is always better to build separate landing pages for various purposes. It all depends on the kind of business you have. For instance, if you are on the pet-related field, then you may want to create separate landing pages for dogs, fish, cats and other pets your clients own.

By doing so, it will be a lot easier for users to find your website using various keywords. Make sure that they will find the information they need instantly.

3. The Mobile-First Approach

Mobile-friendly websites are gradually taking over the digital landscape. More and more people are accessing the internet through their tablets and smartphones. Take advantage of this trend, and always think mobile first. This is most especially true for businesses which rely on local searches.

Design your website with mobile users in mind. Make sure to use a template, font and layout that would be easy for them to read and navigate on. Always evaluate your results on several devices. Are your webpages working well? Is every page and feature accessible? Don’t forget to include CTAs.

pink button plus by qubodup4. Add More Pages and Content

An effective and simple approach in making a website more SEO friendly is to add more and more content. You need to know, and incorporate the content your customers need. Add more webpages in your website. No matter what the topic is, you can surely branch them off into various directions.

Producing more content is a good way to establish your website’s credibility. Search engines are always in the lookout for fresh, creative content, so making changes once in a while can improve your ranking.