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1. Video Blogs

Vlogging is getting more and more popular. If you really want to earn money through blogging in Malaysia,
you might want try making video blogs. While many vloggers edit their content for
hours, vlogs can give you the luxury of providing more content with little effort. You just need to
film it, and then directly upload it on your social media platform.

2. Controversial Subjects

It’s always fun to write to write about controversial subjects. Enjoy writing about controversies,
but always be wise. Check carefully which of the controversies in the news today would be
appropriate to put in your blog. What details can you add to the conversation? Since these
subjects are very emotional, choose your words carefully.

3. Inspirational Stories

Just like controversy, inspiration also sells. Contemplate on the special moments of your life.
Maybe, you can start about how you worked hard to put your business on the map, or how much
your grandmother inspired you chase your dreams. Hopeful, inspirational stories have big
chances of being viral content. Why? of course, it is something all people would want to
experience themselves.

4. Funny Posts

Do you want to write about sarcastic or ironic articles? That would be an amazing idea! Writing
parodies and other funny materials can help more people feel good. All for pure fun.

5. Tutorials and How-to Guides

How-to guides and tutorials are easy to write, and probably the easiest types of content a blogger
can work on. It is easy because you can simply talk about those things you already understand,
and familiar about. The only main challenge is breaking it down into the simplest terms, and
smallest steps.

6. Listicles

Lists are easy to write and read. List articles are always one of the most shared types of online
content. From favorite movies to favorite cuisines, you can make lists of just about anything. The
possibilities and opportunities are endless.