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1. Flexible Pricing Structure

In other types of web hosting, clients are asked to pay monthly, regardless of whether or not they
used up the server resources. In a cloud hosting set up, you will only pay for what you use. You
are free to scale up and down your own resources, depending on your needs. There is no need to
pay for huge costs across the board.

2. Faster Website Performance and Speed

Several cloud hosting providers work hard to improve the website performance and speed. Apart
from increasing website capacity, it also allows for quicker load balancing between various
server environments. This can help put less strain on the resources of one server.

3. Lessen Your Environmental Impact

Are you concerned about your web hosting needs’ environmental impact? Looking for web
hosting companies in Malaysia which are dedicated to this cause is quite hard. With a cloud
hosting service, you can utilize fewer data centers. This means streamlining your data use, and
creating lesser environmental impact.

4. High Availability and Uptime

If you are using a traditional web hosting plan, the uptime of your website would highly depend
on the physical server environment. Just in case it goes offline, then so does your platform.

Using cloud hosting can lessen your overall downtime. It is known for its high uptime. Since the
website is using resources on many servers, if something bad happens, you will simply be
transferred to another one.

5. Simple Server Management Dashboard

Back then, cloud servers are a bit hard to manage. It required some technical knowledge to scale
and manage effectively. However, today’s cloud hosting is a lot simpler and user friendly. You
can easily monitor your hosting service, and scale it efficiently using an intuitive dashboard.

6. Secure From Server Hardware Problems

With cloud hosting services, your website is completely isolated from any kind of physical
server problem including system overload, hardware failure and hacking. If a physical server is
experiencing issues or compromised, you can just use the resources of another server.