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Failure to design based on the compromise effect.

Several designer ignore the compromise effect when coming up with design options. This compromise effect pertains to an individual’s tendency to pick an intermediate choice when facing extremes. Use your knowledge to design your website for conversion, based on this.

Failure to understand the default effect.

Many website designers understand the concepts of default options and placeholder content, but few realize that these elements can function as powerful tools to improve a web design conversion power. Make sure you completely understand the default effect. This is a cognitive bias in which the default options or offers are more likely to be picked compared to the others.

Ignoring the risk compensation theory.

Why do you think many individuals fail to convert after realizing that they like your products? Oftentimes, this is because of their choice to ignore the risk compensation theory. This theory is something you must keep in mind when designing your landing pages, checkout pages and website as a whole. It means that people tend to adjust their behavior based on the perceived level of risk.

Failure to understand the significance of image positioning.

We all know that images are worth a thousand words. The brain processes visual a lot faster compared to text, so you need to use images properly. When it comes to using photos, you need to address positioning properly.

Violating the principle of sensory adaptation.

Before taking on any major action regarding your website design project, make sure to research on color psychology. Test which colors can yield a much higher conversion rate.

Failure to tap in to the bandwagon effect.

Always take advantage on this psychological phenomenon. In the bandwagon effect, people do things because they see that other people are doing it, regardless of their own convictions and beliefs. Great design, from a marketing point of view, naturally includes the bandwagon effect.