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Your company may be providing the best consumer products in the world, but if it has a poorly-designed website, then it is facing a huge obstacle. Take advantage of the opportunities the digital landscape offers. Utilize your website properly and strategically. Have a reference towards the Website Building Companies that presents amazing websites.

Is your website outdated, cluttered and disorganized? If yes, then it will surely create a poor impression. Revamp everything, and start anew. Before starting a new web design strategy, it’s important to learn more about the most common mistakes many people make regarding this aspect. Here’s 6 of them.

1. Confusing Website Navigation

User navigation is a crucial aspect in every web design. It provides the very foundation of your sales funnels, guiding users towards conversion. Unfortunately, this is one of the most common web design mistakes.

An effective sales funnel will take users from awareness and evaluation to conversion. The goal is to make their journey fast and easy. Of course, you wouldn’t want to lead them to the wrong avenues. A basic, simple navigation that includes a sales funnel is the most efficient approach to generate more profit.

2. Launch a User-Minded Website Design

Design your website with users in mind. It’s true that there are various elements that go with website design, from optimized mobile search to compelling call to actions. Give your users a chance for an amazing user experience.

3. Cluttered Webpagesbroom by ericlemerdy

Your website is your home in the vast digital landscape. Make all your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Don’t let your main marketing message disappear among tons of unorganized content and affiliate ads. Make sure that your call to actions and product descriptions will catch every users attention.

Clutter can slow down your website’s loading time, causing visitors to abandon your webpages. They will become frustrated, and leave you for your competitors. This can send the wrong signal to Google. It will think that your website is not of great value, and drop it in search engine results page rankings.

4. Unclear Call-to-Action Buttons and Statements

The most efficient and successful websites focus on their number one goal—generate more conversions. Unclear call-to-action statements and buttons mean loss of profits. Remember to make every CTA engaging and compelling. This will guide your customers towards the right direction, in your favor.

5. Bad Photo Choicesentertainment-photos-line drawing by sheikh_tuhin

We all love looking at captivating images. With high-quality and relevant images, you can improve customer trust, gain better user engagement and create powerful branding. If your website’s product images and photo background are fuzzy, then your users will surely move to your competitors’ website.

6. Not Mobile Responsive

A mobile friendly website can cater to the increasing amount of mobile phone searches. Don’t let your brand and business suffer from difficult ranking issues. If you really want your business to grow, you would focus on mobile responsiveness.