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7 Helpful Podcasts for Web Developers and Designers

Are you a website designer or a person who owns a web design company who wants to widen his or her knowledge on the field? Then, apart from reading articles, and taking short courses, you should listen to brilliant podcasts. Below are some of the helpful ones that you should listen to.  Enjoy!

  1. Designer versus Developer


If you want to listen to informal, open conversations between developers and designers, this is the podcast for you. A design advocate from Google, Mustafa Kurtuldu, converses with different developers weekly. They talk about various amazing topics, from scenario-based designs to creative prototyping ways.

  1. Design Notes

Design Notes offers in-depth information to designers functioning in multiple creative disciplines. It features chats on design’s foundational impact and practice.

  1. High Resolution

In High Resolution, Jared Erondu and Bobby Ghoshal sit down with a guest for about an hour, discussing different approaches in web design. Do you want to learn more about product design? Well, it’s time to listen to their episodes.

  1. Hurry Slowly

Jocelyn K Glei hosts Hurry Slowly, a podcast encouraging people to be more creative, productive and resilient. If you want to learn more about the act of slowing down, you’ll enjoy listening to this. You will be able to find more meaning and creativity in your daily routine.

  1. Layout Land

Jen Simmons is the key person behind Layout Land, a YouTube show focusing on graphic design. It features various design topics, from CSS grids to uploading images. It’s a fantastic learning resource!

  1. Ada’s Twitch Tech Talks

Ada Rose Cannon, a professional from Samsung Internet Web Browser, started a series of interactive, informal talks on front-end website development. It’s being broadcasted live on Twitch! During the stream, people are encouraged to ask many questions.

  1. The DesignBetter.Co Podcast

This education platform manages different workshops, and arranges Q&A sessions with technologists, designers and creatives. It also produces its own informative podcast.