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This article explains the top advantages and disadvantages of investing the cryptocurrencies. As everybody knows cryptocurrency is a virtual digital asset that normally presents in digital. Due to the anonymous nature of this transaction and being free from any legal body of authority, the reliability, and security of holding this currency have become a hot debating topic among the public and investors. However, fear not! Cryptocurrencies do have advantages by investors which will outweigh the disadvantages. So let us hope into the highlight of this article which are the goods and bads of cryptocurrencies. 

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Benefits of Cryptocurrencies

  • Confidential Transaction

The nicest thing about utilizing bitcoin is that each transaction you make with a receiver will be one-of-a-kind. In any contract, you have the opportunity to negotiate terms. The push idea is used to exchange data. You can only provide the receiver with the facts you want them to know. Your financial history will be kept private, and your personal information will be kept private. Make careful to check the bitcoin trader’s latest version whenever you’re performing transactions with the wallet.


  • Low Transaction Fee

When you look at your bank statement, you’ll see that every transaction has a transaction fee. If you conduct a large number of transactions each month, the cost might quickly add up. The cryptocurrency network would pay the data miners, therefore the transaction cost would be either nothing or very low. You must pay for the service if you entrust the management of your cryptocurrency wallet to a third party. However, compared to the existing banking system, the transaction costs incurred by bitcoin transactions would be lower.


  • Give assets to credits

People can easily and safely transfer cryptocurrency thanks to the Internet. Anyone with an internet connection can utilize the Bitcoin service. They should also be familiar with the Bitcoin network. People have access to the internet, yet few utilize banks or exchanges. For interested customers, the bitcoin ecosystem makes it easier to conduct transactions and asset transfers. Since I have mentioned the advantages of holding cryptocurrencies, I’m now going to talk about the disadvantages of holdings cryptocurrencies. 


Disadvantages of Cryptocurrencies 

  • Scalability Issues

One of the most serious issues with cryptocurrencies is the scalability issues that they present. While the number of digital coins and usage is growing quickly, it is still dwarfed by the number of transactions processed by payment giant VISA each day. Furthermore, transaction speed is a critical statistic that cryptocurrencies cannot compete with on the same level as giants like VISA and Mastercard unless the infrastructure supplying these technologies is enormously expanded. Such a development is complicated and tough to carry out smoothly. However, some have already offered many methods, including lightning networks, sharding, and staking, to address the scalability issue.


  • Cybersecurity Issues

Cryptocurrencies, like digital technology, will be vulnerable to cybersecurity breaches and may fall into the hands of hackers. We’ve already seen proof of this, with many ICOs penetrated and losing investors hundreds of millions of dollars this summer alone (one of these assaults alone resulted in a $473 million loss). Mitigating this would need ongoing maintenance of security infrastructure, but many players are already dealing with it directly and employing advanced cybersecurity measures that go beyond those employed in traditional banking businesses.



Since there are pros and cons of owning cryptocurrencies, thus it is up to the investors and holders to decide and consider all the consequences of having or invest cryptocurrencies.   


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