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Japanese comics usually referred to as anime and manga, have long been popular in Malaysia. When their notoriety started to spread over the world, so did their online presence. Due to the popularity of anime and manga, several nations now let their citizens watch and read these media online or even import physical books.


How do Anime and Manga work?

Japanese animation, or anime, is a kind of 2D animated television programmes that are dubbed or subtitled for international broadcast. These programmes have such a profound influence on other nations’ civilizations. Take Malaysia as an example; there is a growing influence of Japanese customs there, such as cosplay and anime events. People became incredibly attracted to the culture as anime’s popularity grew.

Read or Watch: Manga vs Anime

In addition to studying the language, people started learning about other Japanese cultures through anime or formally in language classes. Many anime shows off various aspects of Japanese life, including food, culture, festivals, and much more. People that are very interested in anime would then research many of these topics and tell their friends and even strangers about what they have discovered. thereby raising interest in Japanese culture.


Japanese comics, on the other hand, are called manga. Many of these comics would subsequently be adapted into Live Action or Anime versions when they had attained a certain level of success; One Punch Man is one of the best examples. When it comes to manga, there are many different genres, just like there are many different sorts of textual content. But mangas of the adventure genre are one of the most well-known subgenres that frequently feature a solid balance of both lasting substance and straightforward conclusion content.


We can buy manga in Malaysia as well, despite the fact that we have our own style of comics and even those that were inspired by Japanese manga. Japanese manga is sold in book stores like POPULAR and KINOKUNIYA, but typically only the English-translated editions are available. In addition to actual stores, you may read free shoujo manga online series on Manga Legacy by using the Internet. One of the best websites for reading manga is Manga Legacy.


The advantages of this cultural exposure

Being exposed to the culture of another country has several advantages. There are now more festivals and conventions conducted in Malaysia. This offers many Malaysians the chance to showcase their skills when cosplaying or even running a booth at the expos. The quality of the country’s cuisine diversity has only increased as a result of exposure to different cultures. In terms of Japanese culture, we’ve also been able to steal a significant amount of their cuisine. These have been demonstrated to us, and several restaurants serving Japanese cuisine, including Ramen and Sushi, to name a few, were established by both Malaysians and non-Malaysians.


Malaysian Manga Artist; Malaysian comic book creator “Detektif Hantu” wins the international manga award from Japan.


Meet Lam Quek Chung, the creator of the Detektif Hantu: Kesumat comic, which has garnered numerous awards.

Lam recently won a bronze medal at the 13th International Manga Award, which is frequently regarded as the most prestigious award for non-Japanese manga artists. Lam writes under the pen name “Leoz.”


In the comic book, which is written in Bahasa Malaysia, a student’s death from a video game is investigated.

Detektif Hantu: Kesumat is a continuation of the original Detektif Hantu series, which centres on a detective with supernatural abilities who is tasked with investigating enigmatic crimes, according to KADOKAWA Gempak Starz, the comic book’s publisher.