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A baby carrier is so much better than strollers in a lot of ways. They allow you to carry your baby while you’re doing some chores. You can go out in the public with your baby and you can breastfeed with more privacy. And, if used correctly, they are better than strollers.

In today’s post, I will talk about some key information that you need to know when you are shopping for a baby carrier.

Baby Carrier Safety Tips

Above all else, your baby’s safety is the most important thing and this is something that you should keep in mind when choosing a baby carrier.

Before you do that, you should learn the proper mounting techniques because it can help you decide which type of carrier you want to purchase.

Here is some other information that you need to know about safety:
Choose a baby carrier that will allow your baby to breathe at all times. Remember that when you are carrying a relatively young baby, they still are unable to control their heads and it may lead to accidental asphyxiation. Make sure that when choosing a carrier that nothing obstructs the airways.

When you are choosing a backpack-style carrier, make sure that your baby’s legs are sideways so that they will not develop Dysplasia.
If you decide to choose any other type of carrier other than a backpack-style, it is important that you learn how to tie the carrier snugly and securely first before purchasing.

Different Types of Carriers

There are multiple types of baby carriers that vary in the material, construction, and style. Here are the most popular carriers that you can find on the market:

Ring Sling or Sling-

This is a rather simple carrier that is typically made of woven fabric. A ring sling carrier is one that can be adjusted using the two rings that it usually comes with. This carrier is only ideal if you carry your baby for short periods of time since the weight of your baby and the sling will put pressure on your shoulders.


Made with either elastic fabrics or woven scarves, wrap-style carriers allow you to keep your baby close to your body at all times. If you know how to properly tie this type of carrier, you can put your baby in various positions. This is devoid of any unique features and serves simply as a simple baby carrier.

Mei Tai-

The Mei Tai a backpack-style carrier that is made of fabric with thick straps to help you secure your baby in place. This is not as robust as the next type but it does come with more breathable and comfortable materials.

Ergonomic Backpack-

This is arguably the most feature-rich baby carrier out there. This is a bit similar to the Mei Tai in that it is a backpack-style carrier, but the main difference is that it comes with sturdier materials and comes with other additional features as well. It can include some buckles to help secure your baby in place and may also have multiple compartments that you can use for just about anything.