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Are you thinking of shifting to an open-plan living? Well, you need the help of a dedicated professional from a top architect company in Malaysia to help you out. Open-plan living is an amazing architecture trend that is rapidly dominating the market.

Removing down walls can integrate more light, space, fluidity and sociability in your space. The thing here is that open-plan layouts reduce quiet spots and privacy. Don’t worry, broken-plan living is the answer to your problem. In a broken plan set up, you can keep all the elements you love about open-plan living, yet there are rooms that retain the privacy element.

Utilize partial walls.

Several people would love to have more space in their homes. However, the issue with big open-plan living spaces is that it appears big, and not really cozy. The solution here is to divide the big room in much smaller lounging zones. If you are one of those lucky ones with a spacious bedroom, broken plan designs can help you maintain a separate area for studying and lounging.

There must be enough light.

If you are living in an open-plan layout, how can you preserve the sense of flowing light? Be very careful with designing your area. Introducing closed doors and walls can leave you in very small, dark rooms. The best decision is to include an open shelving unit that allows the light to filter through, It helps maintain the feeling of connectivity, and then flow between the adjacent rooms.

Separate zones through different steps and levels.

Make use of different ceiling heights and multiple floor levels. This can help you improve the distance between zones designed for other functions. You can put around three steps in between the areas.