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To be successful in the digital landscape in the long run, an online business must pick the best website hosting service based on their goals and circumstances. There are tons of elements to consider when selecting one, some are measurable and obvious while others are subjective and subtle.

In order to end up with the best web hosting service, read web hosting company reviews in Malaysia. Features such as shopping cart processing feature, scripting support and guaranteed uptime vary depending on the hosting business. Moreover, figure out if you should go for shared, dedicated, cloud or WordPress hosting.

1. Shared hosting

This is the most common choice for personal bloggers, small online businesses and other websites with minimal traffic. Shared hosting means that more than a single website is stored on one server. A shared server is the most affordable option, making it appealing for startups.

2. Cloud hosting (VPS)

Just like the shared server, VPS or virtual private servers allow websites to be hosted by a single cloud-based server system. A VPS is the cloud-based version of the shared server. Though, because of the flexibility, redundancy and scalability of cloud computing, VPS can provide more features. This is a great option for companies that deal with computations, as well as feature requirements that fluctuate as time passes.

3. Dedicated hosting

A dedicated server only hosts one website. This specific configuration allows the server’s computer power to focus on the one website it is hosting. Typically, dedicated hosting is more expensive compared to the others, but is definitely worth the price.

4. WordPress hosting

It is possible for a managed WordPress server to be hosted on any of the previously mentioned configurations. The only difference is that the WordPress server is optimized and designed specifically to serve WordPress websites which are often used by professional content creators, journalists and bloggers.