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A website with good web design without search engine optimization is just like a great business or service without marketing. Because according to statistic the number of websites online is approaching close to 2 billion.

So getting your website notice is not going to be easy, you literally have to fight for it. If you don’t fight for it or have plans for your website it will like end up forgotten.

So when you are designing your website, you should have plans on how to make it discoverable by people.

And to achieve this you will need to do search engine optimization (SEO) for you website yet this very fact is often overlooked by most people when creating their business website.

Look For A Web Design Company That Can Do SEO As Well

If you are planning to create a website for your business make sure you hire a web design company that not only do design but SEO as well. If your website design is SEO optimized chances for your business receive more or same traction as the larger businesses will be higher, that is if the SEO is implemented correctly and successfully.

Hence, it is imperative the web design company you are going to hire knows how to do SEO as well. Because the sooner your website SEO is implemented, the sooner you will get returns for all the resources you have invested. Though, this doesn’t mean you can’t SEO for you website if it has been around for quite for time it just that it’ll better you implement it sooner than later as the ecommerce/digital marketing industry is fast moving.

Starting Out With SEO

If you are fairly new to the industry and SEO workings then you should focus on local SEO first, never mind global. Why? Because you’ll need to have a strong local SEO ranking first before you can global, plus it is easier to rank when competing locally than globally.

But it will still have a lot work, you’ll need to make sure your business is within local business listings such as Yellow Pages  because if you don’t, you will miss out a lot of potential customers.

Build Your Website Design With SEO In Mind

Another reason to have the web design company you will be hiring able to do SEO as well is because it’ll be easier to implement SEO into the web design. By implementing SEO into your website’s design right from the start it’ll be easy to implement any future on-site SEO update.

Should the website development service include SEO than the website developer will develop the website in SEO friendly platform and install  necessary plugins so that both designers and content creators can implement on-site SEO.

But before you can even ask the web design company to do SEO for your business website, you need to understand first the niche of your business. By having an idea of what is your business niche will let you do a more accurate keyword research and get result that will suit your business and target. There are tons of keyword research tools (most are not free) but the best Google Keyword Research Tool because you’ll get result right from the source itself.

Also, by building your website with SEO in mind right from the start you will able to structure your website navigation to be more SEO friendly (like the urls containing your business keyword). By having the keywords included not only on the pages of your website but in the urls as well, will help increase visibility rate on Google search result page.

Get Yourself A Peace Of Mind

Find a web design company that not only can a proper web design but great SEO service as well, so that you leave it to them while you focus on other matters. Also, if the SEO is implemented properly you can have a restful sleep at night.