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Do you know what anaphrodisiacs are? Well, they are actually the opposite of aphrodisiacs in that they are foods that can actually put a damper on your sex drive. You want to increase your sex drive, not decrease it.

While men would typically turn to male enhancement pills, you have to understand that the foods that you eat can affect your libido. Therefore, you also have to be aware of the foods that you have to avoid if you are to improve your sex drive.

In this article, I will talk about some foods that are sure to kill your sex drive.

Salty Foods

Popcorn, French fries, and other salty foods are delicious and there is no doubt about that. However, keep in mind that they are also rich in sodium.

Do not get me wrong, sodium is important for our bodies but we should never go beyond 2000mg of it every day as it could bring a lot of unwanted side effects- one of which is a greatly diminished sex drive.

According to a Cleveland Clinic, high sodium levels increase your risk of high blood pressure and that is something that you do not want to happen if you want to improve your performance in bed.

Foods that Are High on Saturated Fat

All of your fried foods are delicious and most men typically eat fried foods more than anything else. But, you may want to cut down on those kinds of foods.

The reason is that fried foods are generally high in saturated fat. Too much of this kind of fat can lead to clogged arteries which could mean that you get reduced blood flow in certain areas of the body. Not to mention that plaque build-up usually happens from the bottom-up.

Aside from that, saturated fat can also bring you closer to developing hypertension. Red meats, cheeses, and other fried foods are okay to consume, albeit do it moderately.


Do you know why too much sugar can be bad for you? Well, to process sugar, your body needs insulin for that. It is a hormone that regulates blood glucose levels and is produced by the Pancreas.

Now, too much sugar can lead to type-2 diabetes and that condition can wreak havoc in your system. Not only does it affect your main organs, but it can also affect your genitals as well.

If you can, greatly reduce your sugar intake. Avoid sugary drinks and carbonated beverages. You may even have to cut your intake of sugary treats as well.


You might think that drinking alcohol is great for sex because the slight tipsy feeling could lead to better sex. Well, that is actually not true. If anything, you want to avoid alcohol before coitus.

You see, too much alcohol consumption can reduce testosterone levels in both men and women. And, since alcohol is a known depressant, it can actually reduce your sexual desire and, therefore, your sexual drive.

Now, should you not drink alcohol at all? Nope, but you have to greatly reduce your consumption to just one or two glasses.