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We have spent endless hours curled up on our bed pulling off late-night assignments, meeting deadlines, juggling work and studies, and catching up on Netflix while doing all of our summaries. The bed seemed like the more comfortable place when it comes to doing the hard work, but we are here to tell you, it’s about time we break the habit of leaving our studies on the bed. The bed is a place of rest, sleep, and maybe entertainment. Your study space should be exclusive to your productivity. It is designed to create the best work and learn more every day. 


Given that our studies also now work from home, the space we create in our home is crucial. This does not matter whether our home is a beautiful mansion in Puncak Jalil or Batu caves. What matters is how you optimize your productivity and learning. 

So have you given some thought to how you will revamp your study space? Let us help you with these wonderful design and revamp tips! 

A Wall To Write 

Having a wall to write is sometimes all we need to make a difference. This wall space is where you get organized for the day with your calendar, to-do lists, and maybe all the important notes from your lecture. This also includes your exam dates, study timetable, class schedule, upcoming projects, and so on. Having it visible on our wall not only is visually pleasing but is also motivating. 


Bring A Personal Vibe 

Beige hardwood floors, with sturdy white desks and rustic placements, might not be the only form of study space designs. We can create some exceptional styles with the tools at our disposal, Use the advantage of your wall colors and furniture to make a contemporary space, a vintage space, or even a beachy space for your studies. 


Double Decker Combo With Study Space 

Do you own a double-decker bed? This might be your time to shine. You can easily build a loft for your studies under your double-decker and easily create a transition between your space for sleep and studies. It also makes up the coziest place to read your favorite travel books, do your hard work, grind all night and the list goes on. This kind of arrangement in your home is also the perfect solution if your Puncak Jalil home does not have enough space for an additional study space. 


Partitions In Your Room 

Another space-saving hack that doubles as functional and productive are partitions in your room. You can include a room divider such as a bookshelf or you can use glass partitions to divide the room into two. One is where you sleep and watch Netflix while knee-deep in popcorn and Cheetos. The other is the space where you unleash your creativity and love for studies. 


There are so many different ways you can make your study space more personal and comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is a simple desk and a comfortable chair. Make sure to budget according to your needs and workload and invest a little to spruce up your study space.