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Ask any woman out there how long they want their sex sessions to last and they will
most likely give you a definite number. But, ask any man the same question and they
will tell you something like, “I wish I can last longer in bed”.

Truth be told, men are plagued with so many factors that can affect their sexual
performance and their ability to last longer in bed.

Going the distance during sex is somewhat of a dream for many men who are suffering
from either erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation (or sometimes, both).

Men who are unable to last for a sufficient amount of time may experience performance
anxiety and in worse cases, even depression.

So, does a man go the distance during sex? I happen to have all of the information that
you need, so do read this article to find out what it is.

Nourish Yourself

A man should be relatively healthy in order for them to last longer in bed. This means
that you must eat the right kinds of foods and in the right quantities. If you are unable to
get the full spectrum of nutrients, you can resort to taking the best multivitamins for men
that you can find abundantly in the market.

Do Some Kegels

Men who do not want to drink medication to help them solve their problem of premature
ejaculation, then they must do some Kegel exercises.

These exercises help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which are known to help you
control your pee (as well as your ejaculation reflex).

A 2016 study revealed that men who consistently do Kegel exercises can help train their
Perineal muscles to give them better control of their ejaculatory urges.

Orgasm isn’t Everything

Now, I know what you’re thinking. You are probably thinking that I am full of BS, but
hear me out. It is true that women love to reach orgasm as it is the best part of sex, but
to be honest, ask any woman out there what they hold most important and they will
most likely tell you that it is the overall experience.

Sure, you might have climaxed way too early for her standards, but sex doesn’t have to
stop there. You can continue kissing her and doing foreplay long after you’ve

This extra time might seem insignificant for men, but it certainly does wonders for
women. So, if you are unable to control your ejaculatory responses, continue the
lovemaking session regardless.

Take Good Care of Yourself

A lot of men, especially in their 30s, are no longer as active as they were before. I’ve
known a lot of people who are sports stars in their 20s but have since gotten fat
because they just didn’t have it in them to continue having a more active lifestyle.

Do not be like this person. Taking good care of yourself- meaning, you eat healthy foods
and exercise regularly- is so important as it affects a lot of areas of your life.

Taking care of yourself can certainly do wonders for you, especially when it comes to
improving your sexual endurance.