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You’ve undoubtedly heard about NFTs from a celebrity who bought one for a large sum of money or from a crypto enthusiast who is ecstatic about the market’s prospects. Meanwhile, a number of your favourite companies have joined with NFT markets to forge their own path through the space. Here are a few brands that have lately used NFTs to engage with their customers.


  1. Adidas


With its new “Into the Metaverse” range of NFTs, the three-stripes brand is racing into the metaverse, offering clients both virtual and actual Adidas tracksuits, hoodies, and characteristic beanies. This means that if they want to establish their own avatar in the metaverse, these items will be available to them as well. You can also keep these NFTs for any future special merch drops. The NFTs have been available for purchase since December 17, 2021, and start at 0.2 ETH ($800).


Adidas’ usage of NFTs is just one example of how they may generate excitement for their iconic items while also pursuing a new revenue stream. Bringing their physical goods to the digital metaverse appears to be only the beginning of a larger industry.


  1. Taco Bell


Yes, the well-known fast food chain is selling NFTs, but the Cheesy Gordita Crunch will not be one of them. Instead, on March 7, 2021, the company teamed up with NFT marketplace Rarible to release 25 digital art works, each identified as a “Transformative Taco.” The NFTs were so popular that they sold out in less than a half-hour; nevertheless, the nature of NFTs allows them to navigate the market using bids.


The original NFT’s owner will get a $500 Taco Bell gift card that can be used at any location. Taco Bell intends to use these NFTs to continue the trend of attaching digital assets to food items, with all earnings going to the Live Más Scholarship.


  1. Coca-Cola

NFT marketing in Malaysia

Coca-NFTs Cola’s are a combination of digital and physical items, according to the company. Inspired by International Friendship Day (July 30th), they bundled together four exclusive NFT art pieces into one “loot box,” each giving a unique surprise item of Coca-Cola merch upon purchase.


The earnings, like those from several other businesses that use NFTs, will go to a partner organisation, in this case, Special Olympics International. However, only three days after its launch on NFT markets Tafi and OpenSea, the bidding ended on August 2nd. International Friendship Day was exploited by the brand to build anticipation for their NFTs while also donating to a worthy cause, all of which contributed to a successful NFT brand marketing campaign.


Look through the many brands that have already taken advantage of NFT marketing in Malaysia to see how it may benefit your own business. Although the technology has been there for a few years, with its current mainstreaming, more and more innovative ways to grow your business and sell your items will undoubtedly arise.