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The world needs new eco-friendly practices. It is not only the average consumer that needs to work on sustainability across the world. If we all collectively do not begin to work preserving natural resources, diminish pollution and reduce energy usage, we will be facing great consequences and disruptions. These disruptions are not only limited to the rising temperature. It is visible in the artic circle as polar bears starve t death and lose their habitats. It is seen in our food chain as people consume fishes in the sea that are filled with reminiscent of concrete and plastic. It is in the womb of mothers and in fetuses as a microplastic increase in the placenta. 

There is no escaping the environmental damage we have done with unfriendly practices and wastefulness around the world. Overconsumption and production have to lead to a complete disaster for our environment. Technology acceleration tried to decelerate the rate of destruction but this did not bring about philosophy for change. However, the landscape is different today and technology is taking an increased amount of steps towards making new tech devices that will improve the stance of the environment. Such is the technology that was being developed in the 80s, additive manufacturing or in other words 3D printing. 

3D manufacturing and printing are now being commonly used in so many different areas. They are used in the medical industry to the construction industry for so many different practical purposes. They have so many benefits to the world such as being extremely cost-effective, time-saving, and ofcourse, environmentally friendly. Companies are working on improving their 3D printing technology because of its efficient use in reducing wastage on-site, improving design structures, and optimizing the materials we use for constructions such as stearic acid Malaysia.

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However, while we use this technology to be eco-friendly and save the earth, the reality is a little complicated. It is extremely true that 3D printing reduces waste, improves recycling, and largely makes eco-friendly materials much more usable. However, on the other side of the coin, it also uses a very large amount of energy. The high energy use makes the technology still very imperfect and new to the world of eco-friendliness. 

3D printing can be used to make virtually anything. No matter how complex, given the proper design and proper material on hand, designers could make anything. This power is what is extremely efficient in solving the world waste problem. However, in th process, we are still complaint about harming the earth with high energy use. Moreover, the technology is still far from being perfect because it still uses a  significant among of plastic for its printing.  Our goal is to eliminate plastic usage but 3D technology itself is not possible without plastic. Technology is far from being a perfect one in the eyes of science. However, compared to the very traditional methods of producing and processing, it is far mor energy-efficient, time-saving, and environmentally better. But ofcourse, it has a lot of room for improvement and with the help of current advancements in science, the day 3D printing becomes truly efficient may not be that far.