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Logan Paul, a well-known Youtuber, is recognised not just for his viral videos but also for his deep interest in a variety of fields. He recently announced his intention to participate in boxing, but now he has switched his focus to a different area, that of his own cryptocurrency!

Here are some details about his project:

Logan Paul has expressed his interest in cryptocurrency to his followers on social media. He’s promised that he and his firm will “make a shift in the game.” According to sources, he has been working on the project for quite some time. Logan Paul has successfully presented cryptozoo to the globe in an IMPULSIVE clips video by revealing his very own crypto enterprise in front of the public for the first time.

He has also expressed his motivation for developing cryptozoo, claiming that, in his opinion, every NFT initiative in today’s market looks essentially the same from the outside. The young youtuber appears to be highly optimistic about the project’s success, and he has claimed that he has spent millions of dollars in cryptozoo as a result of his optimism. The formal release date has been scheduled for September 1st, and anyone interested in learning more can go to

Logan Paul’s contribution to the field of cryptocurrency is well-known, notably after his involvement in the development and production of Dink Doink Tokens. According to sources, the social media celebrity has made significant contributions to the project and has been offered $700,000 for one of them. Despite the fact that the project has not yet been launched, cryptozoo claims to have 5000 coin holders as of August 20th! Trading might be challenging for novices; to understand more about online trading, go to bitcoin exchange.

Dink Doink Coin:

Dink Doink coin is a cartoon-based, South Park-themed digital currency that distributes periodic movies, according to its website. Its major goal is to be the first decentralised media franchise ever produced, with coin holders receiving an NFT for each episode aired.

The highest supply for Dink Doink currency is 10 quadrillion, with a market cap of $1,664,943.

Every Dink Doink transaction incurs a ten percent fee, of which five percent is redistributed to coin holders in proportion to their current holdings. In the pancake swap liquidity pool, the left 5% is supported.

Logan Paul has not only expressed his support for the altcoin, but he has also shared his personal character in episodes of Dink Doink.

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Project-related controversies include:

Logan Paul, one of the most influential social media figures, has recently been engulfed in problems. According to several media outlets, the influencer allegedly advocated a cryptocurrency fraud known as Dink Doink Coins.

Logan Paul, a cryptocurrency enthusiast, has persuaded several of his famous pals to join the Dink Doink Coin family, with the hopes of promoting the project and attracting more investors to participate in the digital currency. Coffeezilla, a YouTuber, has given credit for the re-creation of the token to his ‘brother’ Logan Paul in multiple episodes.

Logan Paul, he claims, has not only stumbled onto crypto coins, but has also been a powerful support system for the coin’s creation. In a recent video, Coffeezilla, who claims to be the CEO of Dink Doink Coins, stated that Logan Paul was the one who came up with the coin’s design as well as its name.


After all of the advertising and favourable feedback from fans and coin holders, the project will soar to incredible heights. Dink Doink will undoubtedly make a name for itself in the crypto market, as its designers declare it to be a revolutionary coin. For more info check cryptocurrency news today.