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Multi level marketing, or MLM, has seen a surge in popularity after the coronavirus pandemic becomes a worldwide threat. It is one of the many side hustles that businessmen would invest into along with forex trading. Since everyone is stuck at home now, it has gained a reputation after being recruited by people who offer enticing rewards like earning enough money to buy an expensive car or house and retire within 5 years. This is one of the many signs that the recruiter is involved in a scheme, but legitimate MLM companies offer opportunities for people to earn more income while they are stuck at home.


MLM works by earning commissions through the sales made by their distributors. In turn, distributors are able to recruit more people to work for them, which allows the distributor to earn commission themselves. Unlike a normal job, there are no offices that distributors have to work in as they are able to work comfortably at home. However, as the number of distributors increases, MLM companies will face more issues to keep up with the numbers. This is where MLM software comes in to help them resolve some of their issues and prevent future issues from happening.


There are many network marketing software that MLM companies can choose from, but each offers different services that would benefit your company. Most MLM software today develop their own mobile apps which allows distributors to communicate and update on their progress more oftenly while having access to all of the documents in their mobile devices. However, some software do not have their own mobile app, so it is advisable to look for software like Ambassador, ByDesign and Cloud MLM who have their own mobile app. Despite that, every MLM software shares the same purpose; to provide a platform for MLM companies to work more efficiently by providing convenient functions and tools. MLM software can serve as a communication platform as it helps distributors and suppliers to quickly identify groups by editing colors. Additionally, it can act as a backup data storage in case of events that would cause them to lose all of their data. The software also allows users to upload reports into the software, which allows anyone to read about the progress of other distributors. And most importantly, the software allows users to create various compensation plans such as Binary Plan, Gift Plan and Matrix Plan or create their own.


As mentioned earlier, there are some recruiters that would offer enticing rewards to lure them into their schemes. Because of the surge of popularity, most MLM companies use this opportunity to recruit people who are financially vulnerable. It makes matters even worse when these people are uneducated about how the MLM industry works. The surge of popularity will also lead to the downfall of the MLM industry as more people are exposed to the schemes. Eventually, the MLM industry will die down and nobody will miss them.


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