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NFT is Non-Fungible Tokens and they have been quite popular presently. NFT’s craze continues to grow – to the point that even celebrities and public figures are getting involved with the industry. 

Apart from other countries, the people of Malaysia are going crazy over NFT as well and are even conducting their own NFT project. The local NFT industry is evolving massively and more people are getting familiar with blockchain technology. 

Here are the top 5 NFT projects in Malaysia right now. 

NFT project

  • Punks Malaysia

The attraction in Punks Malaysia is the different traits, occupations, and even species of their collection. The collection includes women, men, the elderly, and even ghosts like Pontianak. The idea is to represent Malaysians. 

By being a holder of their NFT, you can get perks for future projects. Furthermore, the sales that they get will go to NFXT which is an organization with the goal to teach artists who want to venture into the digital world. 

NFT project

  • 8SIAN

The 8SIAN NFT project was founded by Nicole Yap. The aim of this project is to showcase and appreciate Asian art and culture. Furthermore, the 8SIAN project has about 8,888 pieces of art that display Asian women with various characteristics like fashion, make-up, race, and many more. 

The focus of this project is to form a close-knit community that does not possess a conventional roadmap.

  • Bad Ape

Published in 2021, the Bad Ape project caught the attention of a lot of people across Asia. One of the celebrities that were interested in this project is Joe Flizzow. This NFT project has about 10,000 pieces of artwork of apes and all of them are randomly generated. 

The project wanted this to be an inclusive community. Therefore, it has low minting prices. However, the NFT industry is popular, hence, it will only go higher from now. So, if you want to venture into the NFT industry, better start now!

NFT project

  • RoachPunk

Terrifying to some, and entertaining to others. This NFT project features, yes, cockroaches with different characteristics. The cockroaches are generated differently, hence, no artwork looks the same. Furthermore, the project is in collaboration with over 20 artists. 

The team behind this project had planned a charity auction that occurs monthly, starting from October, to give back to their community. 

NFT project

  • The Tiger Archives

This NFT project is made by Tiger Beer and Pestle & Mortar Clothing (PMC). The project is dedicated to the Year of the Tiger based on the Lunar Calendar. What’s special about this project’s artworks is that they are all hand-drawn. 

Holders of this NFT get access to special perks such as access to curated events, exclusive merchandise, and access to PMC’s events.