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1. Cost

How much are you willing to spend for web hosting? Price is an important motivator when it comes to any kind of product. It is crucial, but must not be the key factor in selecting a web host.

At times, a cheaper web hosting plan can be better compared to a more expensive one. There are also times that you need to splurge on a plan to ensure that your platform is stable.

2. Types of Hosting

When selecting a web hosting plan, always aim towards cost effectiveness. If your website is just new, and only has around 3 pages, don’t buy an all-inclusive package. Meanwhile, never go for a light, cheap hosting package if you are managing a big online store with tons of visitors and products.

Familiarize yourself with 3 primary hosting types–dedicated hosting, VPS hosting and shared hosting. For beginners who just started a personal blog or ecommerce website, a shared hosting plan is the best choice. In that kind of set up, you share your server resources with other website owners.

3. Customer Reviews

A web hosting provider can advertise itself as a reliable one, but client’s reviews would speak for themselves. Read web hosting reviews in Malaysia. Just Google the name of the firm, and you will end up with a list of websites with interesting reviews. Check if there are responses to bad reviews. The most reliable web hosting firms assess different platforms for negative reviews, and then provide the necessary solutions.

4. Domain names

What else do you need besides web hosting? Your website wouldn’t be possible without a domain name. Never rush in buying a domain name ahead of web hosting. Tons of companies provide hosting services together with a year of free domain name registration.

5. Technical Documentation and Support

Technical support and documentation are vital web hosting features you shouldn’t overlook. If a web host doesn’t have a 24/7 technical support team, then you better look somewhere else. You need to check how you can reach out to their representatives.