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Nowadays, people are always buying groceries because they can rarely eat out anymore. Even if they wanted to eat something not home-cooked, they would get takeaways. Nevertheless, people are still getting groceries, so, here are some precautions to take while you go grocery shopping in a pandemic:

Wear A Mask

Please, for the sake of everyone, wear a mask. Be it a surgical mask or a cloth mask, as long as it can prevent the virus from getting passed on, wear it. This is not only to protect you from getting the virus but also protects everyone else in the store from contracting the virus. This tip is also based on the discovery that people can be carriers of the virus without actually showing symptoms. This is why we should wear a mask in case that happens, you wouldn’t be at risk of getting the virus or passing it on.

Be Smart, Shop Early

Go grocery shopping early in the morning so you have the most choices. Find out when the early senior hours are so you may shop in a clean, less crowded store if you’re a senior. On top of that, make a list. By making a list of groceries you need, you will less likely be spending more than an hour in the store. In short, know what you need beforehand, get it and get out. With the help of a store map or app, you can even coordinate your list aisle by aisle. Also, try to shop on the weekdays instead of weekends

If you are able to, leave the kids at home so you can shop faster and they don’t be exposed to the illness or pass it on. Plus, it’s easier to shop faster without having to take care of your kids at the same time.  Make sure to stock up on any over-the-counter medicines you might require, as well as healthy essentials like vitamin C supplements. 

Sanitise Everything

Even before you shop, sanitise the things you will be touching. Whenever customers enter the store, many establishments offer disinfection wipes or wipe down trolleys provided. If you need to clean the cart yourself, have wipes on hand. As soon as you return to your car to go home, use a hand sanitiser. When you get home, try your best to clean the stuff that you have bought. To make it easier, buy a sprayable sanitiser so that you can place the groceries down and simply spray them, leave them for a few minutes before putting them away. Wash your hands, the countertop, and any other surfaces you’ve come into contact with. You can do this after putting the groceries away. 

Go Contactless

With everything you can, go contactless. If possible, maybe even order your groceries online, pay online and ask the deliverer to leave it at your doorstep. You can even tip online nowadays with the apps available. Fresh groceries delivery Kuala Lumpur can get your groceries to you just as well. You also get to save on gas money and save time. However, if you have to go out, make sure you pay by card and go cashless so that you wouldn’t have to have direct contact with the cashier.