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Premarital sex is now common nowadays. The younger generation seems to think that this is just okay considering its commonness. But the thing is, a mistake will never be right just because more and more are doing it. So, if you happen to be one of those who look premarital sex as something normal and thus, okay, you should change your mindset. It is normal these days, but it is never okay

If you will observe the younger generation, they don’t seem to realize the impact of premarital sex. It is because of this practice that there are more unwanted children and there are so many fetuses that are discarded easily by young mothers who are not ready yet. They just love the act of having sex that some are even consider to check out Dildo Malaysia, exploring various websites to make purchase of for the sake of having pleasure, but they hate the responsibilities that resulted from their irresponsible acts. 

premarital sex

I am not saying that using sex toys is bad as this will depend on the person using it if he finds it comfortable or if his partner finds it comfortable. But the bottom line is, you should get married first before you even think of having sex. That is if you don’t want to become one of the many burdens of the society or taking care of a baby even before you are not ready yet. 

Another reason why you can say that premarital sex is definitely not a good idea is because it is against the doctrines of any kind of religion. I don’t think there is a religion that condones this act. That alone should be enough for the younger generation to realize that having sex with someone who is not your wedded husband is bad. It will never be okay and will never be good. 

What happens when you will have premarital sex? What are the possible outcomes? 

  • You will have an unwanted child.
  • You can get married even when you are not ready yet.
  • You will wind up marrying someone you are not really sure about yet. 
  • Your parents will most likely get embarrassed, especially if they are the religious type. They will become the talk of the town as despite their being religious, they have not guided their kids well. 
  • Your life will be most likely a struggle, considering you already have a serious responsibility, even when you don’t have a regular income yet. 

Yes, if you are now unmarried yet and you have a boyfriend, you should not indulge in premarital sex. Nothing good will come out from it. It can always wait until you are already married. And since you will not do this act, you should not also do anything that might lead to it. 

It is not hard to avoid having premarital sex these days as there are so many things to do. You and your boyfriend will still have a lot of interesting things to do every time you are together. You just need to be firm to stand on your beliefs.