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What do watching Korean films, waiting for a dinner reservation, and learning the Korean language all have in common? When you add Korean snacks to the mix, all three tasks become a lot more fun! Snacks are one of life’s important pleasures, and I’m sure you’re curious about what Korea has to bring in the snack world as you study the Korean language and learn more about Korean society. We’ll teach you all there is to know on what’s available so you can get your snack on! No matter if you are young or old, working as one of the custom website designers malaysia or not, spicy instant noodles have been one of the favourite foods or just a quick snack for many generations throughout the years.


Korean snacks are unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before; Koreans take snacking seriously and have created some of the most delectable sweets on the planet. Continue reading for a list of Korean snacks you must try right away, and try not to get too hungry when doing so! Any of these can be purchased at the nearest pyeonuijeom (convenience store) if you’re in Korea. You may be able to find them in a small Korean store if you live outside of Korea.


  1. Pajeon


Pajeon is a kind of jeon (Korean pancake) made with a batter of rice flour, eggs, and green onions (pa), which is the dish’s main ingredient, hence the name. It’s a common snack or appetiser that’s typically eaten with rice and a dipping sauce made up of soy sauce and vinegar.


Through adding other ingredients to the dish, such as tomatoes, kimchi, or fish, it can be made in an infinite number of ways. The green onions that protrude from both sides distinguish the pancakes, which can be fried as small discs or as one large pancake that is then sliced into separate portions.


  1. Injeolmi


Steamed rice cakes such as injeolmi are a popular South Korean dish. They’re made by steaming and pounding rice into a pliable dough, then rolling it out and liberally dusting it with roasted soybean powder. Ssuk injeolmi, which contains mugwort powder, and kkaeinjeolmi, which is dusted with black sesame, are two kinds.


According to legend, a commoner named Yim invented these cakes and presented them to King Injo after he left Seoul due to a revolt. The king honoured the dish’s creator by naming it after him. Injeolmi is now mostly consumed on special occasions, and it is usually served cut into bite-sized rectangular bits.


  1. Gim Gui


Gim gui, or crispy and salty roasted seaweed, is a simple yet tasty Korean side dish. Thanks to its excellent taste and high fibre, vitamin, mineral, and protein content, the dish is a staple in many bento boxes. Because of its overpowering saltiness, many people like gim gui with a cold beer on the side.


While gim gui is now available in most supermarkets, every Korean cook used to roast his own seaweed in the past. When there is no beer, the whole meal can be eaten as a snack by combining the gim gui seaweed and freshly cooked white rice. Check out more articles by clicking here