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It is fun to spend your free time watching different types of anime. One of the most well-liked genres of anime is fantasy, which is great for letting your imagination run wild. There is a plot in this particular genre that defies logic. You are usually encouraged to think like a child. For further information you can check in this link read latest updated manga online.


Not that you are not given genuine things because the genre is fiction. Even some fantastical anime films teach valuable life lessons. Some even depict the emotionally distressing aspects of the drama.


  • Hunter X Hunter

This fantasy anime must be on your watch list. Hunter x Hunter brings an interesting story from the dream of a teenager who wants to be a great person. Gon, the protagonist, is the son of a great Hunter who is also being hunted by many. He tries to take the exam to become a Hunter and looks for his father.


In his adventures, he meets great hunters from all over the world, including Kilua who finally accompanies him to solve the mystery of his father. The story of this anime is quite long with extraordinary complexity. However, it’s nice to make your imagination play with it.


  • Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail anime is also quite popular in various countries after getting several awards as one of the best anime. You will follow the story of the witches in a place called Fiore. This city is also quite familiar with the magic and magic of the native people there and the newcomers.


A witch named Lucy has a bad experience on a journey. Luckily, Natsu saved her from the mess. Lucy and Natsu are friends with several other witches to save weak people who can be mistreated from witches.


  • Sword Art Online

The film tells the story of Sword Art Online which is actually the name of a game that was released in 2022. This game brings the players to fully enter and take action in it. Unfortunately, this game is also a trap for those who play it. All players who have entered the game cannot exit until they finish the game.


Well, the problem comes when the players know that their lives are also threatened there. If any player loses a fight to the death, they will also die in the real world. Sometimes, fantasy and fantasy stories are scary, yes.


  • FullMetal Alchemist

A forbidden ritual brings two brothers to accept bad luck. Edward and Alphonse try to bring their dead mother back to life. Unfortunately, this failed and made Edward lose one of his arms and Alphonse was trapped in an armor.


The two of them were looking for the Philosopher’s Stone to restore their bodies without any exchange. Unfortunately, their adventure is not easy. However, it’s all worth following because Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is also one of the best fantasy anime of all time.


  • Attack On Titan

In this anime, a brand-new apocalypse was created. not about meteors or zombies, but about giants that feed on humans. These giants came into being as a result of a family’s diabolical covenant. Giants continued to appear as a result, isolating the heavily populated city.


This fantasy anime has been a hit up until this point. In fact, one of the characters served as inspiration for a champion in a well-known MOBA game in Indonesia. You have, after all, observed his travels.