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In the Internet era, cell phones have become an inseparable item for everyone, as if they were part of the human body. At present, most smartphones are generally differentiated into those who use Android phones and those who use iPhone based on the difference in operating systems. However, since iPhone are expensive and difficult for people of different income levels to afford, Android phones are still used by most people.

And with the popularity and convenience of smartphones, many different businesses such as car rentals, restaurants, jewelry, magazines, news, and other services have developed their own branded applications in order to gain attention and use in order to continue to be known and appreciated by customers in the modern urban society. Since Android is available in most smartphones, hiring an android developer to develop their own app on Android system is something that many aspiring brands are doing. If your business is planning to develop its own apps but you don’t know much about it, then in this article, I will introduce what is android developer and why you should you hire an android developer for your business.

person using laptop computers

What is android developer?

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google and is used on many cell phones and computer devices. As a globally popular operating system, Android provides a stable platform and a range of powerful features that enable programmers from all over the world to design, build and develop applications based on Android. With this in mind, the android developer, which specializes in designing and developing Android applications on Android, has emerged.

Most of the Android developers are currently working on developing new features of the apps, upgrading the old platform, fixing bugs in the software and being responsible for ensuring that the branded apps run smoothly on all different types of Android devices. To be better at app development, Android developers must usually be very proficient in data languages and tools such as Java programming language, Kotlin, XML, and SQL/NoSQL databases. In addition, they also need to understand how to design the user interface and user experience of an application, and how to use various sensors such as GPS or accelerometers in a smartphone.

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Why does your business need an android developer?

There are many factors that determine whether an application will be successful in the marketplace. These key factors include the smoothness of the application’s functionality, the ease of use of the application, and the ease of integration of the application with other services on the phone. In fact, the android developer is a key player in accomplishing these tasks. For any business, android developers belong to be an important asset for the business. This is because they can help create android apps, update and maintain the app, allowing the business to reach out more to the consumers and communicate the concept and spirit in their minds to them literally through the app. In addition, most android developers are also proficient in coding, which means they can also help companies with software development projects that go beyond Android app development.