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The Internet is now an essential component of nearly every business. To ensure that your business runs as smoothly as possible, you must select a fast internet connection that is also reliable and secure. Fiber-optic internet offers these advantages, as well as several others over traditional internet connections. Apply broadband malaysia now to get faster and better Internet speed for smoothness of your business.

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So, why is it necessary to have fast Internet speed for your business:

  1. Increased speed
  • Increased internet speed is one of the most important advantages of having fiber internet. If your employees spend several hours per day online downloading documents, communicating with customers, or conducting research, even a few seconds delay in loading pages can reduce productivity. According to Small Business Trends, a slow internet connection can result in a loss of thousands of dollars over time.


  1. More reliability
  • Not only is fiber-optic internet faster, but it is also more reliable than copper or DSL. A copper signal degrades over time and distance, and severe weather can impair internet reliability. Fiber-optic internet is not affected by bad weather or corrosion. According to Independents Fiber Network, a fiber-optic network is consistent and reliable over long distances.

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  1. Stronger signal
  • With traditional internet, the signal degrades as you get further away from the switch. Even at greater distances, fibre internet signals remain strong. This advantage will become increasingly important as your company grows. If you don’t have fibre-optic internet, your employees may struggle with a weak signal as their work spaces and offices become further away from the source.


  1. Quick cloud access
  • Increase in internet speed and bandwidth capabilities allow for faster access to cloud-based applications and data. According to a Right Scale survey, 96 percent of respondents are now using the cloud. As cloud computing continues to be a primary factor in business growth, having fiber-optic internet will be critical for your company to remain competitive.

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  1. Better security
  • Nearly every type of business now prioritizes online security. Nexus-net outlines several security benefits of using fiber-optic internet. To begin, you can monitor your surveillance and security systems from virtually any location and at any time. A fast internet connection also protects against cybercrime because the only way to break into the system is to literally cut the fibers.


  1. Multiple users are supported
  • Fast internet will allow multiple people to work online at the same time. Even a few employees using the internet can cause service to slow down. Faster internet is especially important if your employees use multiple devices throughout the day. If your company has a large number of employees who all require access to cloud services and applications, anything less than fiber-optic internet will most likely not suffice.


  1. Save on expenses
  • Each of the preceding factors can result in increased savings for your company. Working faster, with less downtime and fewer security concerns, can help almost any type of business improve its bottom line. While the initial investment will almost certainly be higher than that of other types of internet, the long-term savings and increased business productivity will be well worth it.